Sunday, December 12, 2010

Part 2 of OMF Lit Christmas Sale

There are only two weeks to go before Christmas and I still have to buy gifts for some of my loved ones! I already know what I'm getting for them though and I am glad that the store I'm planning to buy those items from will have another sale in two days' time! Gotta troop down to an OMF Literature branch soon ...


Get 20% off all OMF Lit local and international titles from December 15-21

Kaibigan and Pastors' Exclusive Card holders get 30% off on December 17-19

Get 30% Introductory Offer on selected new titles up to December 31

Plus, get exclusive OMF Lit premium items (I love using the magnetic bookmark I have and would love an "I Read" shirt next! :p) with every single receipt purchase of P1,500.

If you still haven't thought about what to give the special people in your life, browse OMF Lit's online catalog. There are lots of good book choices there for everyone.
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