Movie Review: Secretariat - A Story of Heart

I am thankful to have made it to the press screening of Secretariat last week. No thanks to the horrendous traffic coming from The Fort (where I attended another media event), I arrived in Greenbelt 3 out of breath with a couple of minutes to spare before the film started rolling. But, oh boy, am I so glad I watched!

I so love many of the clothes that Diane Lane wore in the movie -- very classy! I've read that costume designer Julie Weiss chose a palette and silhouette for Diane's wardrobe that were more reminiscent of Brooks Brothers and Jackie Onassis. That explains the wonderful colors and very feminine, but very tasteful, dress styles.

In the film’s production notes, director Randall Wallace, of the Braveheart fame, was quoted, “The story is about heart – Secretariat’s and the heart of the woman who owned him. Both were greater than anyone imagined. I believe that when Secretariat was running the last of his races, he was no longer running against other horses; he was running for the joy in becoming who he was meant to be.” And indeed, Secretariat had!

Please find my full-length review of the movie here. Secretariat opens today, exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas in Glorietta 4 and Greenbelt 3.

*Photos courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures
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