Thursday, December 02, 2010

Missing The Corrs

Some of my fellow Corrs fans have been posting old photos of the band on Facebook lately. I guess we simply all miss seeing and hearing Andrea, Caroline, Sharon, and Jim perform together. I was delighted though to see for the first time the following photos of the siblings holding distinctly Filipino delicacies. I read that these were taken during their visit to the Philippines years ago. Unfortunately, I discovered them too late to watch their concert that was held here.

Still, I think other Filipino Corrs fans would also enjoy seeing these as I did :)

Jim with a balut and Sharon holding sapin-sapin

Andrea with halo-halo and Caroline with banana cues
And with news that the group could be set to make a comeback in 2011 with a new album, I'm sure Corrs fans all over the world are as excited as my friends and I are. Here's hoping that when they go on a tour again, the Philippines would be one of the places they will visit. I will most likely save up for a front seat ticket just to watch them live :)
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