Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sale Alert: Torque WIFI-Enabled Phones

One of my old phones has been getting ready to conk out for a few months now. The navi key gets stuck sometimes when I try scrolling down messages. I also had to twist the battery charger's cord this way and that before the phone starts charging each and every time my phone goes low-batt.

I'm considering buying a new phone anytime soon. Would probably check out the Torque Sale this coming weekend. I like the features and look of the touchscreen model. It has more add-ons compared to a competitive brand's touchscreen phone that's also on sale. Let's see ... still praying for enough funds.

For a complete list of all TORQUE kiosks and pitstops nationwide, please click here.

Edit, Nov. 23: I was very disappointed with Torque because I did check out the store in Festival Mall Alabang last Nov. 19 with a 50-50 intention of buying the i68. Unfortunately, the salesman told me that no phones were delivered because there was a shortage and that I should just return this coming Wednesday because the phones might be available by then. Duh? What kind of a promo is that?! :(
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