Two Good Movies Opening Today

I was invited to two press screenings last week.

The first was for Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts. I went by myself and savored some "me" time. How grateful I am that I have a very supportive husband who recognizes my need to get away once in a while from wife and mommy duties at home even for just a few hours. Please read my full-length review of this movie at the website. You can also watch the trailer and read the production notes I got from Columbia Pictures' PR in my other blog.

The second movie I watched was Ben Affleck's The Town. Since hubby was busy with work that night, I asked my second teenage son to accompany me. I think he enjoyed the film more than I did :p Males, as expected, thrive on scenes with lots of action.

What I did appreciate though about The Town is that, despite the violent scenes, it still comes across as a story of hope; that not all criminals are rotten to the core and that anybody could change and create a new life for oneself if one wants it badly enough. For the film's production notes and trailer, please visit my other blog too.

Today, both men and women are given good options on what movie to watch. It would be funny though if couples would go inside separate theaters for a couple of hours each to see their chosen films :)
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