Private Time with Piolo Pascual

I was invited to the Sun Life Financial sponsored concert featuring Piolo Pascual last Saturday. His guests included Maestro Ryan Cayabyab, Vina Morales, and 92A.D.

The PICC Forum Tent was jam packed mostly with members of the Sun Life family (employees, agents, and clients) and other guests. Although the show started almost two hours later than expected, I think most attendees had a good time. It was evident by the way droves of fans would rush near the long stage ramp, with cameras and cell phones in hand, to get near Piolo whenever he walks towards the audience.

It was amusing how the screams would flow and ebb depending on where Piolo was. Some eager fans even got through security and clambered up on stage to have their photos taken with the "Ultimate Heartthrob" and would not go down without getting to kiss him first. My youngest son (the joker of the family next to his dad) who was with me teased, "Mom, why don't you go up there too and kiss him?" All I could reply amidst my laughter was, "I'm not yet that crazy!" :p

Piolo sang some songs from his Decades album as well as some OPMs. What I enjoyed the most was his Broadway medley and "The Gift" duet with Vina. I regret not being able to capture some footage as my camera  kept flashing the low batt sign whenever I switch to video.

During one portion, Piolo shared how happy he is to be part of Sun Life's advocacy in spreading the knowledge of financial literacy to Filipinos. He also invited everyone to support his charity organization, the Hebreo Foundation, by buying the SunPiology Planner 2011 which is due to be launched next month. The planner contains 12 beautiful photos which he took while traveling to various parts of the world.

After the concert, members of the press were given a few minutes to chat with Piolo. He graciously answered all questions. I was surprised to hear that he has injured his left eye a couple of weeks ago from playing badminton and that he had difficulty walking on the stage earlier because he still had blurred vision. The hundreds of camera flashes, unfortunately, didn't help. But he still gamely went on with the show for his fans.

I could imagine how tired he already was by the time the interviews wrapped up but he smilingly gave in to photo requests from all of us before he left. Every time I meet Piolo face to face, I always feel how much a genuine person he is. Aside from his good looks, he obviously also has a good heart. And I am simply thankful to have gotten glimpses of that.
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