Friday, October 15, 2010

Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL Special Screening

Heads up to fellow Nuffnangers! New contest from Nuffnang found here.

My answer to the all-important question:

“The Social Network is to Facebook, as PLDT myDSL modem+wifi is to THE WORLD WIDE WEB.”

A fast and convenient connection means we can reach out to anyone anywhere in the world in seconds. We currently have a PLDT DSL connection at home but we're moving to a bigger house next month so having a PLDT myDSL modem+WiFi connection would be very useful because it would ideally serve our PC and two laptops up to 25 meters away!

The great thing about the myDSL modem+Wifi is that my family and I would be able to use several computers simultaneously. With that, the kids won't be bugging me to give them some Facebook time as often because they can have their own access during weekends :)

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