Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hello, Optimism!

I've just discovered a fairly new and very interesting publication. Monday Magazine is thick, heavy, and filled with a wide range of topics that range from people, fashion, entertainment, technology, etc. etc. The covers are intriguing enough (they have male and female versions), but many of the photos inside would also compel you to look at them more than once.

The layout of the pages are easy on the eyes which makes the text easy to read. Moreover, the articles have catchy titles and contain lots of new ideas that entertain and educate at the same time. Some are even very intriguing! I'd definitely watch out for their succeeding issues.

And oh, I so love their tagline! Very uplifting! "Hello, Optimism!" indeed! :)

Press Release: Monday Magazine Says Hello to Optimism!

When was the last time you fell in love with a magazine? Better yet, when was the last time you held a magazine that speaks to you, in the right blend of smart, engaging words and snappy, sophisticated design?

Monday Magazine is a new media platform that embodies taste, dynamism, excitement, enthusiasm, aspiration, inspiration— values that thrive in, and drive today’s modern professionals.

It dissects a wide range of topics that are well researched and written. It is a theater for diverse opinion, discussion and entertaining insight, a hub of reflections on people, brands and ideas that shape the individual’s perspective and lifestyle.

Monday Magazine never underestimates the intelligence of its readers.

Focusing on three main areas—Corporate Culture, Consumerism and Lifestyle—the magazine is relentlessly optimistic and aspirational. It seeks to inspire - if not altogether influence – the trend towards progressive and analytical thought blended with joy and humor.

Monday Magazine comes out every other month, six issues a year. This is because every issue is meticulously thought out and laid out in terms of concept, presentation and quality—with a deep respect for its readers and its advertisers. The bi-monthly pace is also a strategic plan to make advertising not only cost-efficient but imbued with a longer shelf-life, thereby maximizing exposure and mileage.

*Monday Magazine is available in all branches of Powerbooks, National Bookstore, and Fully Booked, as well as in major magazine stands.
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