Fun Devotionals for Women

I already have lots of devotional books here at home. I sometimes switch reading different books depending on the things I want to pray for. I have Stormie Omartian's "The Power of a Praying (Wife, Parent, and Woman), Darlene Sala's Refreshing Words for Women, and Max Lucado's Everyday Deserves a Chance, among many others, and they all provide me with encouragement whenever I need it.

When Tyndale Media Center listed LOL with God by Pam Farrel and Dawn Wilson in the products for review section, I requested a copy because I found the title alone very interesting. The book's blurb reads:

"Feeling tired, stressed or disconnected with God? In this devotional, authors Pam Farrel and Dawn Wilson, provide real-life stories mixed with a splash of humor and an encouraging word from God to help women get through often hectic days. Joy from God, unlike the fleeting happiness of the world, transforms the soul and helps to heal frazzled, broken women. A cheerful heart is still good medicine (Proverbs 17:22), and women need it in mega-doses! There will always be a need for humor to cheer our hearts, and when that humor is paired with powerful truth principles from Scripture, women will be revived and refreshed. To make it fun, the authors have taken Scripture verses and made them into text messages similar to those you might see on your cell phone."

I've already read several entries in LOL with God and found the stories very easy to relate to. Some are outright funny and most are thought-provoking. A particular passage that made me really laugh out loud reads:

"According to, I [Pam], after four months on Facebook, have 329 friends. If I contracted a deadly variant of flu, I would likely  infect 11 people. If I died today, an estimated 464 people would try to attend my funeral. Based on my Facebook profile, I have a 91 percent probability of getting married -- which is good, since I've been happily married 30 years."

Each devotion starts with a title, then a Bible verse written in text message form followed by the main writeup. Next is a short prayer called "Send Up a Message" then "Text Helps" which lists down Bible verses related to the topic discussed and "Your Turn", a section with blank lines where the reader can write down a message to God about her life, what she read, or a request from her heart. Each devotion ends with a LOL section that either contains humorous anecdotes or tips and advice from the authors.

Ladies who are searching for a good devotional especially written for women would enjoy reading this.

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