Saturday, September 11, 2010

Simple Surprises from Nature

Despite my ever busy schedule, I make sure I still take time to appreciate little things around me which mostly have something to do with nature. They always remind me that God spends time designing even the smallest details. It's just up to us to notice them or not.

To help me remember such encounters, I try to take a photo of whatever elicited that child-like wonder that I still feel every now and then. The other night, while I was preparing ingredients for Chicken Tinola, I was delighted to find "stars" inside a papaya fruit. My youngest son was disappointed that I had to cut it up for our dinner :p

A couple of months ago, I also saw these beetles in the backyard on my way to hang clothes out to dry. I immediately went back inside the house to get the camera. And no, this photo is not meant to be sexually suggestive LOL

* Note: In case you'd like to "borrow" any photos in this blog that I personally took, it would be much appreciated if you ask for my permission first (leave a comment under the post) and also link back or mention where you got them if you're reposting them online somewhere else. Not all my photos have watermarks lately as the computer where Photoshop is installed is out of commission. Thank you for understanding :)

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