Cool Toys with Jollibee Kids Meals this September

One week left for kids to get these latest collectibles from Jollibee. My youngest son enjoyed playing with the toys for boys while my niece enjoyed tinkering with the cute items for girls.

Press Release:

Jollibee Kids Meals feature Mighty Power Rangers and the Secret Wings fairies

Awesome action mobiles and fashionable fairy accessories are up for grabs this September as Jollibee Kids Meal launches its newest toys! From September 1 to 30, get the latest collectibles from Jollibee, and let the little ones have a wonderful playtime.

Fun-loving young boys can unleash their inner explorer with the premium Power Rangers Operation Overdrive toys. They can have a blast playing their favorite action heroes like the Gyro Driver Zord and Dump Driver Zord toys, which have the same powerful weapons that the Power Rangers use to fight evil forces on Earth. They can search the world for the magical jewels of Corona Aurora with the back-flipping Gyro Driver Zord, or see the Dump Driver Zord fight by raising its powerful front wheels off the ground!

Young girls can live out their magical fantasies with the Secret Wings Fashion Fairies collectibles. Those who prefer playtime to be more stylish can enjoy the cool Lily Brush-Up Beauty and Honey Lip Gloss. Aside from providing lovely fairy inspiration, these fairy dolls can also double as a young fashionista’s accessories. The Honey Lip Gloss’s wings “open up” to unveil the gloss to add shimmer to their lips. They can also put on makeup using the applicators that come with the toys. What’s more, little girls can pull the wings apart of the Lily Brush-Up Beauty to get a dainty comb and a fashionable compact mirror at the back of the toy. With these fashion fairy friends, playtime can make little girls feel pretty all the time.

These toys come with every Jollibee Kids Meal. Kids can choose from their favorite treats like the Yumburger, Spaghetti, 1-pc Burger Steak and the 1-pc. crispylicious and juicylicious Chickenjoy meals.
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