Cartoons Really Don't Go Out of Style!

Last Sunday, my son and I dropped by SM MOA’s Music Hall to check out SM’s Rock Toon Fest Grand Fashion Show. I was surprised when my 11-year old expressed an interest in joining the parade for walk-in participants and *gasp!* walk on the runway after. I thought it would be difficult enough to convince him to join the other kids in the parade but, to my amazement and delight, he did walk on stage later. (More about his experience as a “model” when his article about it comes out in Manila Bulletin’s Funpage section around October.)

It was a fun afternoon for more than a hundred kids. Many, like us, were instant sign-ups. Although my son was already wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt and had an extra shirt with Looney Tunes characters in his bag, he asked me to buy him a black and white Snoopy shirt from the merchandise being sold inside the activity area. In fairness, the new shirt did look cool.

After the walk-in kids’ time in the limelight, the Grand Fashion Show began. It featured the top 20 winners of SM’s nationwide Rock Toon Fest Model Search. The audience was treated to lots of new toon-inspired outfits showcasing characters such as the Disney Princesses, Tinker Bell, and Barbie for girls; while boys can get into the fashion action with tees, hoodies, and jeans from Cars, Garfield, Snoopy, and Mickey Mouse.

The Original Cartoon Apparel for kids is now available at the Children’s Wear section of the SM Department Store.
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