Sunday, September 12, 2010

700 Sundays

I first became aware of Billy Crystal’s existence in the movie When Harry Met Sally with Meg Ryan. That was a long time ago. I also remember laughing at the funny things he said and did during his Academy Awards hosting gigs and a segment with Miley Cyrus in an American Idol finale once. And who can forget the voice of the one-eyed, hilarious character Mike Wazowski in Monsters, Inc.?

I became intrigued enough to pick up his book, 700 Sundays, while browsing titles in a bookstore a few weeks ago. I’m glad I bought it. The book is about Billy’s dad who worked six days a week and could only spend quality time with his family on Sundays. Sadly, Mr. Crystal passed away suddenly when Billy was 15. The book’s title is an estimate of the number of Sundays Billy got to create memories with his father.

Although Billy shared a lot of poignant moments throughout the book, I appreciated how he injected humor in the pages which made the volume such a good and entertaining read. Here’s an example:

Sunday Number One. I’m born. “Oh there’s the little guy who almost split his mother in two.” “Billy, don’t take this personal, but your mother didn’t sit down until you were twelve years old.” I didn’t take it personal.

Sunday Number Two: my circumcision. This I took personal.

Sunday Number Three. I got a gun. I was only two weeks old, but if somebody was coming near my d*ck again, they were going down.

See what I mean?

I found out from the Acknowledgments page that 700 Sundays was actually made into a Broadway show. I wish I could have watched it. I can relate to Billy although my father died when I was already 29. My dad was also a weekender because he worked in Manila and our house is located in the province around two hours away. Yet, I also felt that I haven’t spent enough time as I wanted to with my dad especially since he died when my kids were still very small and he was such a doting grandfather.

It is very obvious from the way Billy wrote about his parents how proud he is of them and how much he loves them. The book is such a nice tribute. As a parent myself, I wish my children would remember me and my husband the same way in the future when we’re no longer with them.

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