Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Please Be a Hero to A "Last Chance" Kid

My husband and I became World Vision sponsors in 2003. Back then, I chose a six-year-old girl whose birthday was closest to the day our third son was born. We figured, since James can't go to school (he has severe cerebral palsy), we could help another child finish her studies instead.

When we decided to sponsor another child, my husband chose someone called a "Last Chance" kid. The boy was already 13 years old at the time. He was one of those children who have been waiting for weeks, months, even years, for someone to sponsor them.

Marvin, the former last chance kid and our second sponsored child, is now a sophomore high school student. He sends us letters every now and then through World Vision and we are very happy to know that he is doing well in school.

Because donors often prefer cute and younger looking children, "Last Chance" kids would often see their younger counterparts get sponsored before them. Sadly, many last chance children are not able to have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams because their names eventually had to be removed from the list of potential sponsored children to give way to younger kids.

Recently, World Vision Philippines launched the Heroes of Hope appeal for Last Chance Kids. Please visit their website and find out how you can help.

We may not be able to tackle the thousands of problems in this world by ourselves, but each of us can still do something. Start by making a difference in the life of ONE child today. You may not know yet just how much impact you'll make with this small act of kindness, but you'll soon find out how much difference it would make in your life from now on.

If you are not able to sponsor a child at the moment, you can still help 500 Last Chance Kids get sponsors within August 2010 by spreading the word. Thank you very much!  

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