Color Psychology and Your Choice of Bedding

Edit April 7, 2011: This post can now also be found at the MomCenterPH website.

I had the pleasure of attending an event last week where I learned more about bedroom and bedding colors. Dream Home by Canadian, a brand of linens exclusively available at SM Hypermarket stores, has launched a new line of bedding with beautiful designs.

What’s great about these linens is that each design includes fun facts about the colors you choose and how they relate to your personality.

Here are two designs that particularly caught my eye (I just love pastel colors!) and their fun descriptions:

CAMILLA: Blue with accents of pink, purple, white and yellow. 
May be associated with serenity, sweetness, purity and comfort.

MIMI: Subtle shades of pink and yellow 
Mimi is for the sweet, playful and intellectual.

Press Release:

Dream Home is the exclusive brand of Canadian Manufacturing for SM Hypermarket’s wise and practical buyers that want to get more than their money’s worth. Adhering to the market’s call for quality, Dream Home has all the features that any buyer/customer should look for in good quality linen: 

a) Processed with anti-pilling: We often think that pilling (or himulmul in Filipino) comes with age of a fiber and cannot be prevented. Dream Home made an extra effort by making their sheets undergo an additional process of anti-pilling so their linens won’t pill with proper care and washing.

b) Cotton Rich: Did you know that cotton shrinks over time that’s why you might encounter fitted sheets that won’t fit your bed over a period of time. Dream Home has a solution to that by blending the right amount of cotton with another compound thus reducing the shrinkage considerably.

c) Easy Care: With the right blend of cotton, Dream Home bedsheets are low maintenance. Easy to wash, dry and has less creasings.

d) Fully Garterized: The top and bottom of Dream Home fitted sheets are fully garterized for a snug fit.

e) Trendy and Stylish Designs: The designs are not done overnight. They are carefully studied and researched based on the current year’s color and fashion forecast.

f) Dream Home bedsheets are free from carcinogenic and environmental hazardous substances such as azo dyes and lead. It has the OEKOTEX label, a trusted benchmark for quality and safety. 

So when you’re out looking shopping for bedsheets, always look for quality --- look for Dream Home, a brand that will give you more than your money’s worth.
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