Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cheese Overload!

*Note: I didn't include wine in the title because I didn't drink much :p

If you are a wine and/or cheese enthusiast, you would probably want to attend one of Wine Depot and Gourmet Depot’s wine and cheese tasting events. There, you’ll get to sample various types of wine along with cheeses from different parts of the world.

Last Friday, I was introduced to 19 kinds of cheeses that were imported from countries like France, Australia, and Norway. Since I rarely drink anything with alcohol content, I just sipped from a glass that was a third full of sweet white wine and also took a couple of sips of a full-bodied red. I drank water after that or else I might not make it home later :p

I am aware that certain cheeses need to be paired with specific kinds of wine. But based on a past experience, I knew that I would feel light-headed if I drink more than half a glass of white wine. So I didn’t take any chances and wasn’t able to follow anymore the print out list of wine and cheese pairings.

Instead, I just sampled the cheeses being offered by the friendly Wine Depot and Gourmet Depot staff. I enjoyed conversing with Ms. Tess Raborar, Ms. Honey de Mesa, and Mr. Bobby de Guzman while we talked about how each cheese tasted, which are the crowd favorites, and which give off the most awful aromas :)

Some cheeses have strong and pungent smells while others leave various degrees of aftertastes. Some taste bland while others are too salty. Some are hard to chew while others come in soft or runny consistencies. I couldn’t decide the best one I like so I’ll settle for three: the classic camembert, goat curd (yummy with bread!), and blue.

If you want to receive notifications on Wine Depot and Gourmet Depot’s future wine and cheese tasting events, visit any Wine Depot branch or fill out the online membership form and sign up for free. I was told that they send email blasts to members about upcoming activities.

BTW, you’ll have to shell out a P500 fee to join a wine and cheese tasting event. For that price, you’ll not only get to treat your palate to a burst of new tastes; you’ll also get to hypothetically “tour” the world as you try out and evaluate wine and cheese offerings made in various countries. The next time you visit the store, you’ll probably have more specific items in mind to buy for your next house party.

P.S. On my way home, I noticed how lovely the moon was and the sole star near it that night. I couldn't resist taking a shot :)

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