Monday, August 30, 2010

Color Psychology and Your Choice of Bedding

Edit April 7, 2011: This post can now also be found at the MomCenterPH website.

I had the pleasure of attending an event last week where I learned more about bedroom and bedding colors. Dream Home by Canadian, a brand of linens exclusively available at SM Hypermarket stores, has launched a new line of bedding with beautiful designs.

What’s great about these linens is that each design includes fun facts about the colors you choose and how they relate to your personality.

Here are two designs that particularly caught my eye (I just love pastel colors!) and their fun descriptions:

CAMILLA: Blue with accents of pink, purple, white and yellow. 
May be associated with serenity, sweetness, purity and comfort.

MIMI: Subtle shades of pink and yellow 
Mimi is for the sweet, playful and intellectual.

Press Release:

Dream Home is the exclusive brand of Canadian Manufacturing for SM Hypermarket’s wise and practical buyers that want to get more than their money’s worth. Adhering to the market’s call for quality, Dream Home has all the features that any buyer/customer should look for in good quality linen: 

a) Processed with anti-pilling: We often think that pilling (or himulmul in Filipino) comes with age of a fiber and cannot be prevented. Dream Home made an extra effort by making their sheets undergo an additional process of anti-pilling so their linens won’t pill with proper care and washing.

b) Cotton Rich: Did you know that cotton shrinks over time that’s why you might encounter fitted sheets that won’t fit your bed over a period of time. Dream Home has a solution to that by blending the right amount of cotton with another compound thus reducing the shrinkage considerably.

c) Easy Care: With the right blend of cotton, Dream Home bedsheets are low maintenance. Easy to wash, dry and has less creasings.

d) Fully Garterized: The top and bottom of Dream Home fitted sheets are fully garterized for a snug fit.

e) Trendy and Stylish Designs: The designs are not done overnight. They are carefully studied and researched based on the current year’s color and fashion forecast.

f) Dream Home bedsheets are free from carcinogenic and environmental hazardous substances such as azo dyes and lead. It has the OEKOTEX label, a trusted benchmark for quality and safety. 

So when you’re out looking shopping for bedsheets, always look for quality --- look for Dream Home, a brand that will give you more than your money’s worth.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Tribute to the National Heroes' Day & Buwan ng Wika

I wrote something about culture and being Filipino for this month.

Part of the article reads: "We Filipinos are known for our hospitable nature. But I hope that we can also become known as a people who are raising children who don’t talk insolently to adults as if they have every right to do so; children who’d rather be with their families instead of bonding with their friends majority of the time; and children whom other parents would speak well of for being raised properly."

You can read the rest of it here.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happiness is ...

... finding two Anna Quindlen books I've been looking for -- in one store, on the same day, yesterday! Bless you Booksale Mall of Asia!

Finished reading both books before I went to sleep and they are as inspiring as her other non-fiction books I already have.

Here are a couple of beautiful quotes:

"You are the only person alive who has sole custody of your life. Your particular life. Your entire life. Not just your life at a desk, or your life on the bus, or in the car, or at the computer. Not just the life of your mind, but the life of your heart. Not just your bank account, but your soul. People don't talk about the soul very much anymore. It's so much easier to write a resume than to craft a spirit ..." - from A Short Guide to a Happy Life

"Look, every day, at the choices you are making, and when you ask yourself why you are making them, find this answer: Because they are what I want, or wish for. Because they reflect who and what I am." - from Being Perfect

My collection of Quindlen books minus the newest two

That makes it seven. Now, I've got to find me the remaining six Quindlen books I still haven't read :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Newest BPI-Jollibee Promo

Just saw this at the BPI website. I'm disappointed that you can't redeem Chicken Joy items anymore and that they increased the required transaction amounts. Still, since I sometimes charge our groceries to my debit card, I could probably redeem a few items again. The good thing is, the promo period is longer this time.


1. The promo is open exclusively to all existing BPI, BPI Family Savings Bank and BPI Direct cardholders (Express Teller, Jumpstart and BPInoy).

2. Promo period is from August 8 to November 5, 2010.

3. Cardholder should use his BPI Express Teller via Express Payment System (E.P.S.) within the promo period for a minimum single purchase transaction of P2000, P4000 or P8000 at any merchant to qualify for redemption of the free Jollibee food items.

4. Cardholder can redeem the featured food items at any Jollibee outlet nationwide. The redemption is valid for dine-in and take-out only. Redemption is not allowed for drive-thru orders.

5. The free Jollibee food items are the following:

-- Jolly Hotdog Classic and Jolly Crunchy Twirl for a minimum single transaction of P2,000
-- 2 sets of 2-piece Burger Steak with Rice for a minimum single transaction of P4,000
-- 3 Regular Yum, 3 Jolly Spaghetti and 3 Chocolate Sundaes for a minimum single transaction of P8,000

6. To redeem the free Jollibee food items, cardholder must present for verification the original transaction slip (minimum single transaction of P2000, P4000 or P8000) and the BPI Express Teller card used for the transaction to any authorized Jollibee personnel. Transaction date on the transaction slip should be within the promo period.

7. Cardholder must print name (as shown on the card) at the back of the transaction slip and surrender to the authorized Jollibee personnel before release of the free food items.

8. Only one (1) free food item can be redeemed per transaction slip. A customer is allowed up to three (3) redemptions per day per store only.

9. A single purchase transaction requires only one approval. Splitting into smaller transaction sizes and consequently requiring multiple transaction approvals will not be allowed.

10. The free Jollibee food item cannot be exchanged for cash, other products or discounts.

11. Redemption period is until January 4, 2011.

DTI Permit # 5164, Series of 2010.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Become an Advocate Towards a Greener Earth!

Join individuals and organizations that are doing their part in saving Mother Earth today until Saturday ...

Amidst the backdrop of a changing world, the 1st Philippine International Eco-Show brings to the spotlight the diverse and innovative eco-friendly products and services made available by the finest companies and eco-entrepreneurs in the country.

Why attend?

* Explore enormous business possibilities for environment-friendly products and services.
* Network with industry players and brands engaged in eco-friendly and sustainable pursuits and advocacies.
* Carve your niche in the current 410 billion EURO* global market for environmental goods and services.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wonderful Praise Album for Kids (and Parents, too!)

I have fond memories of a live show in Los Banos in the late ‘80s (or early ‘90s?) when I was still a student. It was staged at the UPLB Auditorium and featured a lot of talented kids, some of whom now also have kids of their own. The show was called Colby’s Missing Memory. It was about a talking computer who was a good friend to many kids.

This photo is from the album of my friend Lem, 
one of the former kids in the UPLB production

In the story, a bunch of kids were building a clubhouse and one of them was not sold on the idea of being friends with a computer. Colby’s ability to play songs based on scripture was erased when Nick touched a switch he wasn’t supposed to.

All the other kids tried their best to make Colby remember about friendship and God’s love. Nick also asked two rhyme-talking diagnostic disks to help them recover Colby’s memory.

I love that show so much because all the songs (and I mean ALL!) had beautiful words and melodies. I even bought a cassette tape of the album all those years ago so I could listen to them over and over again.

Recently, I found out that House of Praise is now selling CD and DVD versions of Colby’s Missing Memory. I already have the CD and my son, James, loves listening to the dialogues and the songs. I plan to buy the DVD as well so that he and his brothers could also watch the whole story.

Although this album was originally produced in the ‘80s, the theme and the messages remain timeless – that love should be given away, that friendship should not be based on appearances alone, and that everyone is part of the Lord’s family.

Listen to, or watch, Colby’s Missing Memory with your kids. I’m sure you’ll also love the messages there as much as I did.

Give Your Child the Winning Edge

Build the next generation by equipping them with the right skills and knowledge. The Galileo Enrichment Learning Program invites you to a two-day conference on Giving Children the Winning Edge.

This event will be held on October 1 and 2, 2010 at the SGV Hall, AIM Conference Center, Benavidez cor. Trasierra Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City. Speakers for the two-day conference will be Dr. Queena Lee-Chua, Ms. Maribel Dionisio, Dr. Eduardo Morato Jr. and Ms. Maricar de Ocampo.

For ticket reservations please download the registration form here and fax to 632.890.2509 or call Galileo at 895.8095 and 898.1234

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Watch Out for Jollitown’s 3rd Season!

It was a fun-filled Saturday last August 14. Kids and kids-at-heart trooped to the Teatrino Promenade in Greenhills to watch the exclusive red carpet premier of Jollitown’s 3rd Season pilot episode. 

Before the actual screening, kids and their parents ate an early lunch with healthy and attractively-arranged fruits and desserts on the side. We were also served Taters popcorn that came with different flavored puffy kernels. I loved the Wasabi flavored ones! :)

Gracing the event were Jollitown’s own celebrities: Jollibee, Twirlie, Hetty, Popo, and Yum plus other members of the gang. 

Lucky guests also got a chance to win some goodies via games and a raffle. My son, Daniel, and his friend, Ino, both Manila Bulletin Funpage contributors, won some cool prizes including Pinoy-themed Jollibee dolls. Before we left, parents and kids were also presented with very nice Jollitown shirts inside coin bank canisters. 

I so appreciate Jollibee’s continued advocacy to impart good values to Filipino children. The pilot episode, entitled Tunay na Yaman, showcased colorful characters and backgrounds as well as catchy songs that children are sure to sing along to. Its theme revolved around friendship and happiness.

I am excited for my son with special needs when we watch Jollitown this coming Sunday at 8:30 am in GMA7. We still have those old Jollibee educational CDs that feature numbers and letters of the alphabet. James loved watching those over and over. He usually laughs especially when he sees Jollibee on screen.

These days when kids are exposed more often to movies, music, and TV shows with contents that are not fit for young minds, it is refreshing to know that there are still shows which have children 's welfare in mind and which moms and dads won’t have second thoughts letting their offspring watch. Jollitown belongs to that category and I am gladly endorsing it to fellow parents.

When it comes to anything that will teach my own children about adopting positive attitudes, good values and sound life principles, I am always happy to be an advocate :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cheese Overload!

*Note: I didn't include wine in the title because I didn't drink much :p

If you are a wine and/or cheese enthusiast, you would probably want to attend one of Wine Depot and Gourmet Depot’s wine and cheese tasting events. There, you’ll get to sample various types of wine along with cheeses from different parts of the world.

Last Friday, I was introduced to 19 kinds of cheeses that were imported from countries like France, Australia, and Norway. Since I rarely drink anything with alcohol content, I just sipped from a glass that was a third full of sweet white wine and also took a couple of sips of a full-bodied red. I drank water after that or else I might not make it home later :p

I am aware that certain cheeses need to be paired with specific kinds of wine. But based on a past experience, I knew that I would feel light-headed if I drink more than half a glass of white wine. So I didn’t take any chances and wasn’t able to follow anymore the print out list of wine and cheese pairings.

Instead, I just sampled the cheeses being offered by the friendly Wine Depot and Gourmet Depot staff. I enjoyed conversing with Ms. Tess Raborar, Ms. Honey de Mesa, and Mr. Bobby de Guzman while we talked about how each cheese tasted, which are the crowd favorites, and which give off the most awful aromas :)

Some cheeses have strong and pungent smells while others leave various degrees of aftertastes. Some taste bland while others are too salty. Some are hard to chew while others come in soft or runny consistencies. I couldn’t decide the best one I like so I’ll settle for three: the classic camembert, goat curd (yummy with bread!), and blue.

If you want to receive notifications on Wine Depot and Gourmet Depot’s future wine and cheese tasting events, visit any Wine Depot branch or fill out the online membership form and sign up for free. I was told that they send email blasts to members about upcoming activities.

BTW, you’ll have to shell out a P500 fee to join a wine and cheese tasting event. For that price, you’ll not only get to treat your palate to a burst of new tastes; you’ll also get to hypothetically “tour” the world as you try out and evaluate wine and cheese offerings made in various countries. The next time you visit the store, you’ll probably have more specific items in mind to buy for your next house party.

P.S. On my way home, I noticed how lovely the moon was and the sole star near it that night. I couldn't resist taking a shot :)

It's Raining Oreos!

In case you guys don't know yet, Oreo is giving away free samples of their snack packs at 7-11 stores.

My son claimed his Oreos earlier :)

Check out the Share Oreo site to find out how you can get yours.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Health, Beauty, Fitness & Lifestyle Asia 2010

Ladies! You may want to visit the 5th HBFL Asia International Exposition on Beauty and Wellness. It opens today until Sunday.

Information from their website:

Health, Beauty, Fitness & Lifestyle Asia is recognized in the Philippine Health & Wellness industry as the country’s most successful trade events. This year’s event will focus on the complete range of quality beauty, health care and total wellness products and services.

Bringing together manufacturers and buyers, traders merchandisers as well as health and beauty professionals from around the world, HBFL ASIA 2010 promises to continue its commitment in promoting the growing industry of beauty hubs, health and wellness businesses as well as continuously creating the perfect platform to complete business deals, hold trade negotiations and expand business bases.

HBFL ASIA 2010 will be held from August 13-15, 2010 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila, Philippines. We invite you to be part of this event as we envision the very best of Health & Beauty industry and meeting new needs in the global market by offering innovative business opportunity to reach potential customers on the latest products, equipment and technology related to total wellness.

Entrance is free to online registered visitors. If interested, go to

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Book Review: Still House Pond

I am a big fan of the Left Behind series published by Tyndale House Publishers. In fact, I already have 11 of the first 12 books and two of the prequels. I only have three more books to find to complete this wonderful set.

I also buy books in the Left Behind: The Kids series every time I see copies in the secondhand bookstores I frequently visit. I’m still a long way completing all 40 books though. But when I do, I might be able to finally convince my kids to start reading them since there would be a definite ending to look forward to.

Anyway, I chanced upon the Tyndale Media Center a few months ago and saw that they provide free books for review. I signed up and requested Still House Pond by Jan Watson. The book came in the mail last week. I read it the other night and became so hooked on the story; I was able to finish the whole book in less than 24 hours.

Still House Pond features some unforgettable characters. What I first noticed about this novel is that the story revolves not only on one particular person but on different personalities. The writer was able to successfully weave various individuals’ points of view and their personal trials and triumphs without confusing the reader.

Here’s what’s written on the book’s back cover:
Lilly Gray Corbett loves living on Troublesome Creek, but she would much rather play with her best friend than watch her little brother and the twins. Her mama, Copper, is often gone helping to birth babies, and Lilly has to stay home. When Aunt Alice sends a note inviting her to visit in the city, Lilly is excited to go, and Copper reluctantly agrees to let her. Later, when they hear the news that the train crashed, Copper and her husband, John, rush to find out if their daughter is injured . . . or even alive.

What Lilly went through are tests of faith and fortitude on her part and that of her parents. However, the story doesn’t just revolve around Lilly and her family. Readers will also come to know supporting characters better which makes the story’s tapestry richer. I also love how Jan Watson integrated Christian values within the book without coming over as too preachy.

I’d like to share two of my favorite quotes from the book which were uttered by the character called Darcy:

“Beauty is easy to find if you look through kind eyes.”

“Sympathy says, ‘I understand. I’ve been through it too.’ Pity says, ‘That will never happen to me. You brought it on yourself.’ Sympathy shares. Pity’s haughty.”

Very nice words of wisdom, don’t you think?

I soon found out that Still House Pond is the fifth of a book series which include Troublesome Creek, Willow Springs, Torrent Falls, and Sweetwater Run. I believe that it was no accident I was sent this book. You see, I am fond of reading books with stories that span generations. Some of the best series I’ve read were Barbara Taylor Bradford’s Emma Harte novels (A Woman of Substance, etc.) as well as the Courtney and Ballantyne family sagas by Wilbur Smith.

So after reading Still House Pond, I am now on the lookout for the earlier books of this Jan Watson series. It would be nice to find out more about Copper’s story (Lilly’s mom) as well as those people whose lives she touched along her journey.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

For Curt Smith's Fans

To fellow followers of Tears for Fears, just sharing that Curt Smith has a new song called Perfectly ... Still currently streaming in his website even before it becomes available for sale in digital format on August 12. Be one of the first fans to listen.

I find the song soothing. Its melody and vocals have the qualities I've come to like in TFF songs in the first place. Pefectly ... Still gave me that sense of familiarity which brought back good memories of listening to old TFF music.

Oh, and don't forget to read the backgrounder info of this collaboration with Melissa Kaplan. Very interesting story!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

A Haphazard Post

I've been having these bad headache episodes for almost a week now. The pain usually comes at night when I'm all set to write and beat my seemingly never-ending deadlines. I really have to see an eye doctor within this coming week. I think my myopia and astigmatism are the ones causing my problems.

Last night, I was supposed to finish an article due this weekend. But I couldn't think straight what with the thumping in my temples. So I took an Ibuprofen tablet and turned on the TV. I guess, I might as well try to relax my mind by watching a film. I have this DVD of Dear John sitting around, unwatched, for weeks, after all.

I loved the story but still ended with a headache -- and a stuffy nose -- and red eyes :p Although this one didn't get me bawling as much as when I watched A Walk to Remember and The Notebook before. But, boy oh boy, Nicholas Sparks sure knows how to make people cry.

After the movie, I tried to recall from what other movie I've seen Channing Tatum before, but couldn't. I went online, searched for his profile and satisfied my curiosity when I remembered I saw him first in Step Up 2. That refreshed my flagging memory.

But then, since I was already online, I checked out youtube because I suddenly missed The Corrs' music. (I know, weird connections!) My search was rewarded though because I discovered a new song by Andrea Corr which, I also found out, came out in the Music of Ireland soundtrack. It felt nostalgic hearing the penny whistle parts. If it weren't four o'clock in the morning, I would have taken out one of my whistles (I have a fairly large collection) and play some Irish tunes.

Again, since I was already on one of my Irish music moods, I thought of searching for Enya's songs too. And I ended up hearing one of my favorites among her instrumental compositions. This video has very nice photos.

It's almost six in the morning now and I remain sleepless. Unfortunately, my writer's block is still prancing about in my brain. So excuse me while I go and find more relaxing music to listen to. Perhaps, after a few songs, I would find the kind of rest my mind has been searching for all night and I could finally go to sleep.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Please Be a Hero to A "Last Chance" Kid

My husband and I became World Vision sponsors in 2003. Back then, I chose a six-year-old girl whose birthday was closest to the day our third son was born. We figured, since James can't go to school (he has severe cerebral palsy), we could help another child finish her studies instead.

When we decided to sponsor another child, my husband chose someone called a "Last Chance" kid. The boy was already 13 years old at the time. He was one of those children who have been waiting for weeks, months, even years, for someone to sponsor them.

Marvin, the former last chance kid and our second sponsored child, is now a sophomore high school student. He sends us letters every now and then through World Vision and we are very happy to know that he is doing well in school.

Because donors often prefer cute and younger looking children, "Last Chance" kids would often see their younger counterparts get sponsored before them. Sadly, many last chance children are not able to have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams because their names eventually had to be removed from the list of potential sponsored children to give way to younger kids.

Recently, World Vision Philippines launched the Heroes of Hope appeal for Last Chance Kids. Please visit their website and find out how you can help.

We may not be able to tackle the thousands of problems in this world by ourselves, but each of us can still do something. Start by making a difference in the life of ONE child today. You may not know yet just how much impact you'll make with this small act of kindness, but you'll soon find out how much difference it would make in your life from now on.

If you are not able to sponsor a child at the moment, you can still help 500 Last Chance Kids get sponsors within August 2010 by spreading the word. Thank you very much!