Let's Celebrate Nutrition Month!

I was at the Food and Nutrition Research Institute in Bicutan yesterday to attend the media briefing for the 36th FNRI Seminar Series. We were presented with results from the 7th National Nutrition Survey. (More on this when my full writeup comes out in one of the publications I write for). The theme of this year's program is "Pagkaing tama at sapat para sa kalusugan ng lahat."

There were food and non-food product stalls in and outside the lobby. One of our hosts introduced me and a writer-friend to a booth promoting an instant rice meal.

We got to try some tasty adobo-flavored rice with real meat bits. It turned out that Quikeats was developed with the help of FNRI-DOST. According to Mr. Noel Lim, president and founder of 5NI, the company that conceptualized the product, Quikeats is not just another instant meal. It offers a decisive advantage and benefit for the consumer because it is made with iron-fortified rice.

According to their press release: "Instant Rice is rice that has been precooked and dehydrated so that it cooks quickly by rehydrating it. Regular rice requires approximately 20 minutes to cook while instant rice is ready for just 10 minutes. Aside from its convenience, instant rice is nutritious since it is fortified with iron, a macronutrient that is needed by our body to help build and maintain blood supply thus preventing anemia. Iron deficiency may lead to impaired mental and physical development, less resistance to infection and low capacity for work. Fortified Instant Rice may help Filipinos who are found out to be lacking with this nutrient."

5NI offers Quikeats to everyone looking for a fast and convenient meal with a significant dose of nutrition. What also great about this product is that the packaging was designed to be biodegradable!

Watch out for this product in supermarkets and grocery stores in the next few weeks. Mr. Lim shares that they will also be coming up with Beef Steak and Seafood flavors so I'm also watching out for those.

For more info, you can contact Five N and I Food Corporation at tel. nos. 9362588 and 5421335 or email fnifoodcorp@gmail.com
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