Happy to be a Bedtime Believer

All my kids are no longer babies and toddlers but my third son has cerebral palsy and don't walk nor talk. He is already 12 years old but is still a baby in many ways. He's the one I can still use baby cologne on or massage with baby powder and will not protest he is no longer a little child :)

Like many little ones, James always sleeps better after a warm bath, massage and soft music at night. Which is why I can still claim to be a believer of Johnson's Baby's bedtime routine. I'm glad to have attended several Bedtime Discovery events where I got to swap stories with other moms and learn about the science of sleep. I also wrote an article about this for Manila Bulletin's Moms&Babies' section last February.

Last June, I further blogged about effective bedtime activities that work for me and other moms. And last week, Johnson's Baby, together with Nuffnang, held the culminating event that wrapped up the Bedtime Discoveries series of mommy get-togethers. Moms were given recognition through a very nice AVP that showed several statistics as well as quotes from different blogs. I was surprised and pleased to see mine among them (around 1:57). Three mom bloggers were also given awards based on different criteria.

Here's sharing the very nice video that Johnson's Baby prepared. A big thank you to Ms. Chinkey Llave of UM for helping me acquire a copy of the said AVP :) Please do watch and be inspired.

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