Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It was our first time to try out the burgers that some of our friends have been raving about. Hubby and I decided to check out Brothers Burgers' 50% off promo at Westgate, Alabang last night.

Upon entering the store, I immediately wondered why nobody was eating. All the people there seem to be waiting for something. When we lined up at the counter, we heard someone say, "Ang tagal naman!" To which his friend replied, "Two hours?! Grabe!"

I was alarmed. It was already past 7 pm and we promised the kids to come back with yummy burgers for our dinner. Turned out that the wait was, yes, 2 HOURS per order! Ngar!

Since we were already there, hubby placed an order for five burgers. Right after, we went to Festival Mall where I headed straight to Sbarro and ordered spaghetti and pizza. We called the kids to be a little more patient and eat some snacks while waiting for us.

I was almost finished buying groceries when hubby went back to Westgate to claim the burgers. I waited for him so we can go home together. By then, it was almost 10 pm. One of the kids was already asleep while hubby and two kids ate their burgers.

I was still full from the Sbarro dinner and opted to eat my burger today. Well, I didn't find it spectacular. Maybe if I got to eat it freshly cooked, I might have had a different opinion.

As it was, the next time I crave for a burger, I'm going back to my favorite: Wendy's Bacon Mushroom Melt. I have never waited 2 hours for that, ever.

For such a bad first time experience, I don't think I'm ever going back to Brothers Burger anytime soon.
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