Iron Man 2 is Awesome!

Yesterday, the kids and I watched a special screening of Iron Man 2 at the Podium. One of my sons was assigned to write a review about it for Manila Bulletin's Funpage section.

I find this sequel more action packed than the first one. Iron Man 2 is also filled with more special effects that sometimes left our mouths hanging open :p As a long-time fan of Robert Downey Jr., (yes, I am biased!) I can only say this guy gets better and better every time a new movie comes out :) Oh, and I loved Scarlett Johansson's role as the Black Widow. She reminded me of Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. She really kicked ass! :p

The screening was sponsored by Jollibee and we got some goodies after the movie. My kids loved the items especially the earphones. Catch the Iron Man 2 fever at Jollibee while it's there! :)

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