Some Things to Smile About

Despite the summer heat, it literally warms my heart to see fruit-bearing trees around our house -- well -- bear fruits! :)  I even insanely have urges to greet them "Hello, Fruits!" each time I see them whenever I am out hanging clothes near the laundry area outside.

For the past month or so, we've been "harvesting" several of these yummy Indian mangoes which we can easily reach via a long pole fashioned by hubby with a crooked wire on one end. They go best with fish paste (bagoong, in Filipino) or a sprinkling of salt. There are still fruits on the tree but I'm guessing they would last for a couple more weeks before they're all gone.

Since we moved here four years ago, the calamansi tree near our front gate remained barren ... until this summer! I think the extreme heat might have something to do with the sudden sprouting of fruits although I'm not sure if these plants do thrive in hot weather. Hubby, on the other hand, suddenly became enthusiastic watering the tree :p For the past month too, whenever we want calamansi to go with fish sauce (patis) or soy sauce, we just pluck a couple or more pieces outside as needed :)

As for the sugar apples (atis), around 10 fruits as of this writing, my youngest son and I are still waiting for them to grow bigger so we can finally savor the ripe, sweet goodness. This is the second summer the sugar apple tree gave us fruit.

Like all the summers of past years, the big avocado tree, planted by my brother-in-law in the mid-'90s, consistently bears large and delicious fruits when the months of March and April comes around. They will be ready by June until August. We always have lots to harvest, more than we could eat. To our friends who want some, drop by starting June and I'll let you climb the tree for free :)

Seeing all these miracles everyday for the last few weeks just makes me thankful for God's provisions. Nature is simply wonderful!
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