Nestea Bottle for Solo Drinking :p

Nestea once again bundled a pitcher each in every pack of iced tea. For two weeks now, we've been buying the big pack and already got two of the nice bottles.

The last time I went grocery-shopping, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there's also a smaller version of the pitcher which comes with every 400g pack.

I thought the small bottle would be great for times when I want to drink iced tea and I'm too lazy to prepare a whole pitcher. The other day, I was not looking forward to eating lunch by myself. Hubby went to a meeting, the boys were at school and James was sleeping.

So I just brought out two slices of bread and the loaf of Tillamook cheese that my sister-in-law brought us from Guam last week. I grilled my cheese sandwich, made myself a small bottle of iced tea and plugged my iPod shuffle to a small speaker.

It turned out to be a nice lunch after all.
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