Sunday, February 21, 2010

Protect yourself and your family from coughs!

Yesterday, Bisolvon held its SuperMOMs event in Blue Whale at the Fun Ranch in Tiendesitas.

The beautiful Regine Tolentino hosted the event and shared with us, moms, the following useful Iwas Ubo tips:

1. Always wash your hands - when soap and water are not available, use alcohol or sanitizing gels
2, Avoid touching your face
3. Cough properly - cover your mouth when coughing to prevent germs from spreading
4. Observe a healthy lifestyle - eat balanced meals and exercise regularly
5. Get rid of phlegm to get rid of cough - use an effective and trusted mucolytic ... like Bisolvon :)

Regine also announced Bisolvon's newest promo: the SuperMOMents photo contest. Please see my blog post below this one for more details.

Attendees were further treated to a dance number by Regine and her two pretty daughters, Reigen and Reigne.

The kids also had chances to have glitter body painting, draw pictures, and have fun at the Nintendo Wii station. Needless to say, my 11-year old son enjoyed himself immensely.

Afterwards, the Bisolvon team gave out loot bags filled with nice goodies for the mommies as well as free Fun Ranch ride tickets for the children. I'd say everybody went home happy :)
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