Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baby Sleep is Not Just Rest

Earlier this month, I wrote about attending a Johnson's Baby event where moms were taught about the Science of Sleep. Aside from the blog post, I wrote a full-length article about it for Manila Bulletin's Moms&Babies section.

The article came out in yesterday's issue. You can read it online here.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A different kind of shadow play

I remember playing with my siblings during nights when there was no electricity. We only needed a flashlight and our hands to create different shapes on the wall. My kids also like doing that activity when they were younger.

When I watched this video, I was amazed how the artist took shadow playing to the next level. How creative!

The Road to Liliw, Laguna

My sister and I love buying shoes and slippers in Liliw, Laguna. Three weekends ago, I ended up shopping for footwear with my hubby and son. The simple trip turned out to be a sightseeing tour. We ended up stopping by various scenic attractions in the Laguna area and had so much fun!

I bought the white one :)

Come join our road trip! You can read all about the story at by scrolling down to the second article at the Unwind section :)

Calling Educators and Parents

Galileo is an English & Math program that opens minds and enriches children’s lives. It is holding a 2-day seminar-workshop entitled "New Perspectives & Approaches to the Business of Education" on March 4 & 5, 2010 at the Rockwell Tent in Makati from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

If you are a parent who would like to learn more about an effective, continuing education for your child, then this is a must-attend for you!

For inquiries and registration, CALL 898.1234, 895.8095. TEXT 918.884.3574, 917.839.6753 or log on to

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Protect yourself and your family from coughs!

Yesterday, Bisolvon held its SuperMOMs event in Blue Whale at the Fun Ranch in Tiendesitas.

The beautiful Regine Tolentino hosted the event and shared with us, moms, the following useful Iwas Ubo tips:

1. Always wash your hands - when soap and water are not available, use alcohol or sanitizing gels
2, Avoid touching your face
3. Cough properly - cover your mouth when coughing to prevent germs from spreading
4. Observe a healthy lifestyle - eat balanced meals and exercise regularly
5. Get rid of phlegm to get rid of cough - use an effective and trusted mucolytic ... like Bisolvon :)

Regine also announced Bisolvon's newest promo: the SuperMOMents photo contest. Please see my blog post below this one for more details.

Attendees were further treated to a dance number by Regine and her two pretty daughters, Reigen and Reigne.

The kids also had chances to have glitter body painting, draw pictures, and have fun at the Nintendo Wii station. Needless to say, my 11-year old son enjoyed himself immensely.

Afterwards, the Bisolvon team gave out loot bags filled with nice goodies for the mommies as well as free Fun Ranch ride tickets for the children. I'd say everybody went home happy :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Share your SuperMOMents!

The internet has made a lot of things possible including instant uploading of photos that we want to share with family and friends all over the world. After all, what mom wouldn't want to save remembrances of precious moments with her family as much as possible?

Get a chance to win prizes just by sharing one of your wonderful MOMents! Bisolvon, moms’ trusted partner for over 40 years in battling against the family’s cough, understands just how proud moms are to share their photos. So win as much as P50,000 plus TV and magazine appearance for you and your kids with Bisolvon’s Alagang SuperMOMents online photo contest.

Simply buy Bisolvon syrup and log on to Register to join the contest. Upload your photo sharing a special moment with your child or family. Invite your friends to vote for your entry. Uploading period is from February 20, 2010 to April 20, 2010. The top 50 finalists will be posted for online voting from April 26, 2010, to May 16, 2010.

Exciting prizes await winners:

- Alagang Supermom Gold will win Php 50,000 plus a TV and magazine appearance
- Alagang Supermom Silver will receive Php 25,000
- 5 winners of Alagang Supermom Bronze will get Php 10,000 each
    Tell your family friends to vote now. You can boost your vote to 50 points by purchasing Bisolvon syrup. Two lucky voters will be given prizes as well. For more details, log on to

    Bisolvon salutes all SuperMoms, dedicated mothers, who always give the best for their family. Bisolvon’s Alagang SuperMOMents online photo contest wishes to encourage and inspire SuperMoms to spend more time with their kids and cherish every MOMent they have with them.

    Upcoming Events:

    Exciting programs and special bonding activities await moms & kids on February 28, 2010 at the Activity Center of the Festival Mall, Alabang for the launch of Bisolvon’s Alagang SuperMOMents online photo contest. SuperMoms can bond with their kids for one whole day as the activity center will be transformed into one exciting activity area, which will host several exciting stations that include: an Art Area, a Nintendo Wii Station, Inflatables, and a Ball Pool. A Photo Booth will also be mounted to give families a chance to capture the special day. Such photos from the booth can also be used as entries. An uploading station will be available during the event.

    To complement this launch and share the event with families residing outside Metro Manila, two mall tours will be held at Marquee Mall, Angeles, Pampanga and at Ayala Center, Cebu City. To further promote the contest, Bisolvon will also go around schools and offices to invite moms kids to share their SuperMOMents.

    Bisolvon recognizes the need of SuperMoms to provide the best care she can for her family so she can share healthy bonding moments with them. Basta Alagang SuperMom, Alagang Bisolvon.

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Birthday Wish

    I'm "salivating" (what a choice of word! LOL) over this bodhran (pronounced as baron), an Irish drum.

    Friends who know me are familiar with my fascination of The Corrs. BTW, the bodran is an instrument played by Caroline Corr.

    I already tried my hand at the violin but I haven't had time to really practice much these couple of years. My instrument is rarely taken out of its case nowadays ... too busy with work :(

    I'm more adept though at playing the tin whistle. It's easier to take along almost anywhere so I get to practice often. So far, my collection of about 20 whistles (accumulated within the past four or five years) hasn't gathered dust because I really use them regularly :)

    Anyway, here's praying I get to earn enough from my online writing jobs that pay by Paypal so I can buy this particular bodhran (I love the design!) before May. I plan to have it shipped to my brother in IL (note to self: ask bro first if he'd be willing to lug along a big hand-carry item :p) so he can bring it here when he comes home for a vacation.

    It is free to dream after all :p

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Another Ear Candy

    I so love Emmy Rossum's ethereal voice. Aside from her version of Think of Me in Phantom of the Opera, here's my favorite among all her songs.

    Friday, February 12, 2010

    OMF Lit Bookshop opens new branch in Greenbelt 1

    Starting February 14, you can browse inspiring good reads at a convenient spot in Makati. The OMF Lit Bookshop is at G/F Greenbelt 1, Ayala Center, Makati City. They're right by the Legaspi St. entrance.

    Get 20% off all OMF Lit titles on the opening day. Or you can enjoy extended savings: click here to download the discount flyer (valid until April 30, 2010).

    For more information, call OMF Literature at 531.6635, email or visit

    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    Getting Over Heartbreak

    Loveless or brokenhearted this coming Valentines Day? If you need time to heal from a heartache, this article might be able to help :)

    Sunday, February 07, 2010

    Learn to be a safe driver

    When the Honda Safety Driving Center opened its doors to the general public in 2008, it gave its commitment to provide road safety education for ALL -- regardless of brand preference, with or without driving experience. "I have been a driver for the past 10 years with no accident record. But when I attended this free seminar to check if my knowledge is enough, I discovered that I have a lot of bad driving habits to unlearn. I hope this will continue so that more road users will be educated," shared one motorcycle club member who attended the seminar.

    The HSDC Foundation is holding free seminars for motorcycle and car drivers every Saturday from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. Special sessions may be arranged for bigger groups of members of curricular and extra-curricular clubs, drivers & rider organizations.

    The Center is located at Km 17 East Service Road, South Super Highway, Paranaque City. For inquiries, please call 838.0814 or send SMS to (0928) 555.5695.

    Read the whole press release here.

    Current Earworm

    My sons have great taste in music. Otherwise, I won't be LSS'ing on some of their favorite songs :p

    Here's Fireflies by Owl City, one of Daniel's current favorites which, I found out, is also liked by two of my friends' kids so they (my fellow parents) have come to like this song as well :)

    Friday, February 05, 2010

    RENT: Bohemia's Not Dead!

    Hi everyone! My review of RENT is now up at

    Please visit the site and read the other articles there which, I'm sure, you'll also find interesting :)

    Thursday, February 04, 2010

    RENT the Musical in Manila!

    It was a privilege to be invited to RENT's media preview show last night. The cast was amazing! You can read my review about it in, Business World's online site for women.

    Here's the official press release:


    9 Works Theatrical’s new production RENT shall open this year’s local musical theatre scene on February 5 at the Carlos P. Romulo auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City.

    RENT is set in New York City's gritty East Village, and this revolutionary rock musical is an imaginative retelling of the classic Puccini opera, La Boheme. This unforgettable and timeless story of a group of starving artists, who, despite poverty and illness, learn to fall in love and find their voices, brings a universal message of hope for everyone.

    Winner of the Tony Award for Best Musical and the Pulitzer Prize, RENT with Book, Music and Lyrics by the late Jonathan Larson, has made a lasting mark on Broadway with songs that rock and a story that really resonates.

    Robbie Guevara directs RENT.

    The cast includes Gian Magdangal as Roger Davis, a songwriter who is HIV positive; Fredison Lo as Mark Cohen, an independent filmmaker and Roger's roommate and Nicole Asensio as Mimi Márquez, an exotic dancer with HIV.

    The cast also features OJ Mariano as Tom Collins, a gay philosophy professor and anarchist with AIDS; Carla Guevara-Laforteza as Maureen Johnson, a bisexual performance artist; Noel Rayos as Benjamin 'Benny' Coffin III, the local landlord and a former room mate of Roger, Mark, Collins, and Maureen; Job Bautista as Angel Dumott Schunard, a gay drag queen percussionist with AIDS; Jenny Villegas as Joanne Jefferson, a lawyer, who is Maureen's partner; and Cara Barredo, as Mimi Marquez (at certain performances).

    Ensemble members include Ring Antonio, Peachy Atilano, Johann Dela Fuente, Harold Cruz, Gary Junsay, Raul Montesa, Anna Santamaria and Mark Tayag.

    The RENT production team is composed of Executive Producer Santi Santamaria, Director Robbie Guevara, Production Manager Weng Lopez, Musical Director Ceejay Javier, Vocal Coach Onyl Torres, Vocal Consultant Lionel Guico, Scenographer Mio Infante, Lighting Designer Martin Esteva, Sound Engineer Rards Corpuz, Sound Designer Chuck Ledesma, PR / Publicity Director Toots O. Tolentino, PR Manager Jonjon Martin, Marketing Manager Shelyn Tayanes, and Stage Manager Jojo Amboy. Cast Photography by Jojit Lorenzo and Production Photography by Sundee Guevara.

    RENT is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI) 421 West 54th Street, New York, New York 10019 Tel.: (212) 541-4684 •

    Show dates are February 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27 and 28.
    Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00PM
    Saturdays at 3:30PM & Sundays at 4:30PM
    Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza
    Ayala Corner Sen. Gil Puyat Avenues, Makati City 1200

    For tickets:

    Call 9 Works Theatrical at 557.58.60 or visit or call TicketWorld at 891.9999 or visit

    Monday, February 01, 2010

    Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discoveries

    Mommies! Did you know that a baby's sleep is more than just rest?

    I attended an event organized by Johnson's Baby and Nuffnang last Saturday at the Ascott Residences. It was such an eye-opener for me to learn that all those techniques I used to put my kids to sleep all these years ago now have a study to back them up!

    According to Dr. Luis Rivera, pediatric pulmonologist and VP of the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine, there are several benefits to getting baby used to a schedule:
    1. Babies thrive on routines because the most effective learning comes from repetition
    2. The consistent, regular sequence of a routine helps babies learn associations and patterns
    3. One of the most important habits parents should develop for babies is a sleep routine
    He also discussed a clinical evaluation that affirmed the effectiveness of a three-step bed routine alongside the Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Range. The Johnson's Baby Sleep Study was conducted in the US by Dr. Jodi Midell, a clinical psychologist specializing in sleep medicine.

    After two weeks, significant results were presented. Babies had:
    • 37% reduction in the length of time to fall asleep
    • 37% reduction in awakenings
    • 49% reduction in total time awake
    • 23% increase in longest continuous sleep period

    As for the parents:
    • 100% enjoyed performing the routines
    • 80% believed their baby’s sleep improved
    • 85% continued the routine
    • 55% reduction was noted in tension/anxiety score
    • 59% reduction was noted in fatigue score thanks to less feedings, less nappy changes, etc.

    Midwives and volunteer moms demonstrated the 3-step before-bed routine:

    Give baby a quick warm bath or simple punas before bedtime.

    Perform a relaxing massage on baby using baby oil or lotion. Get her in the mood by turning up some relaxing music. Lay her on a comfortable flat surface and stroke her with gentle motions. Trace I-L-Y on her tummy while saying “I love you”. Infant massage or Touch Therapy has clinically proven benefits and is known to calm a fussy baby, contribute to healthy weight gain, and improve babies’ immunity.

    Establish quiet activities such as cuddling, singing a lullaby or story-telling. Let your soft voice or soothing music lull baby into sleep.

    Know more about the 3-step before-bed routine, read about real-life moms’ experiences on bedtime habits, download helpful tools to get your baby to fall asleep faster, and sign up for the customized sleep profiler for your baby by logging on to