Solo flight cooking

Among my kids, Josh is the one who really wants to be a chef someday. So I always try to find recipes he can do by himself. Take note that he can already cook menudo and it's as good as the one his dad and I make! :)

Yesterday afternoon, while his kuya was attending a friend's birthday party and Daniel went biking, Josh set his sights on the pack of Blueberry muffin mix that my sister-in-law sent from the US. We have already cooked the Chocolate Chip flavored one a couple of weeks ago so he already knew the drill.

I just gave him instructions and watched him do everything himself. He mixed milk and muffin powder to make the batter, greased the small muffin foil cups (I'm glad to have found these at the grocery store at P60+ per 10 pieces) with butter, and poured the mixture into each cup.

We cooked two muffins at a time in our tiny oven toaster. We learned not to follow the cooking time in the package because the last batch we cooked almost burned. This time, I set the timer to less than 10 minutes instead of the recommended 15. We got nice muffins!

Here's a photo of the happy "customers" :) Yummy!

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