Food for Mortals?

If you happen to pass by a Kenny Roger's branch and see the Christmas muffins poster that advertises their "Food for the Gods" and "Fruit Cake" flavors ... KEEP WALKING AND DON'T BUY!!!

This happened to me earlier tonight. I saw the poster at the Festival Mall branch and, being a "Food for the Gods" aficionado, I excitedly bought a box of six muffins. Inside were three of my preferred flavors while the other three were Fruit Cakes. I was thinking that at P15 each, they are definitely cheaper than what are sold in Conti's or Mary Grace's.

BIG MISTAKE. I shouldn't have bought one, let alone six! When I got home, my pastry-loving son immediately decided to sample one muffin.

The darn muffins were hard as a rock! I also took a bite and felt like I could have lost all my front teeth. My son even knocked one on the floor :( Only the very center was soft enough to eat and the taste was not even remarkable. It was too sweet. The muffin I tried to eat had only a piece of dried fruit and no sign of any walnuts whatsoever.

I wonder if the Kenny Roger's staff do quality control of the food they sell. It seems like the muffins were literally baked way back last Christmas! What happened to the "tasty" and "fresh-baked" descriptions on the box? Are they only applicable to corn muffins?!

I am sooooo disappointed. What a waste of money :(
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