Real Leaf Paparazzi: Bonding Over Pizza

My kids are growing up very fast and they seem to be always hungry! This afternoon, after they arrived from school, we had homemade pizza.

The kids volunteered to put toppings on the small doughs and they (the small one, especially) went at it with gusto. We used pizza sauce, ham, smoked pepperoni (which we bought from Shopwise at only P26 per 100g), sliced button mushrooms, and (supposedly) quick melt cheese. Too bad I forgot to buy canned pineapples.

I bought small doughs because we only have a small toaster oven. We cooked the pizzas two at a time for around 10-12 minutes each. I was quite disappointed that the Che-Vital Quickmelt Cheese (which we tried for the first time) didn't melt! :(

Expectedly, the first two to "attack" the first batch of pizzas would be my two hungry young chefs :p We brought out the Real Leaf Iced Tea bottles that are chilling in the ref and which were the perfect drinks to match with the food. Funny how each of us has his/her own favorite Real Leaf flavor. Leland and I like the lychee variant, hubby and Josh like the lemon one while Daniel prefers the apple flavor :)

Before the two guys ate their second servings (we made 10 which was perfect for the five of us), Mom, Dad and Kuya ate our first pizzas too. I like the thought that the activity also taught my kids patience on the side :)

Of course, James, our child with special needs (who hates camera flashes these days) had a "snack" of his own -- via his feeding tube! :)

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