Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Fitting Tribute

Last November 15, a friend and mentor who was also like a father to myself and my husband was laid to rest. Tito Joe Lamigo will forever be remembered by us as a loving husband and father as well as a faithful servant of God.

While he was still alive, Tito Joe told his children how a plane flew over and showered their path with flowers at his own father's funeral. During his interment, his daughter Lem arranged for a plane to scatter roses and rose petals too while Tito Joe was being laid to rest.

Here's the video I was able to take of one of the plane's passes.

Lem used this footage in a video she made for her parents on their 38th wedding anniversary which was celebrated 12 days after Tito Joe passed away. Watch that beautiful video here and be inspired by a love that will not be broken, even by death.
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