Thursday, December 17, 2009

Food Tripping at Restaurant Cicou in Hotel Celeste

I was invited to an Intel-sponsored media event yesterday. Since I would be submitting a writeup of what I learned there to one of the publications I write for, I can't post about it here.

[Jan 6 edit: You can now read the full article entitled "Your PC and your technology personality" at this site.]

But let me just share some photos I took of the food we were served at Restaurant Cicou (pronounced see-sue) in Hotel Celeste located at San Lorenzo Drive cor. Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road).

I regret not being able to take photos of the delicious salad and soup we were first served. I only remembered to take out my camera when the third course came. Was having too much fun chatting with fellow writers and the PR reps of Strategic Edge, Inc. :p

Everything was yummy! The French Chef featured at the hotel's website, Chef Cyrille, lived up to the writeup about him :)

Enjoy viewing his mouth-watering concoctions ...

Prawn with fried glass noodles (a.k.a. sotanghon, I think)

Wrapped pink fish (salmon?) fillet with guacamole dip
(My seat mate and I thought it was wasabi at first)

Beef dish with a tasty sauce

Chocolate volcano and a scoop of ice cream in between pink cookies

Needless to say, all those present were so full by the time we finished lunch. That six-course meal is something you'd want to treat a special someone to one of these days ... (Paging my husband! LOL)

*Special thanks to Paula, Jinny and Ada of Strategic Edge for the invite :)

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