Monday, August 10, 2009

Keyboard Makeover

I sometimes hate change when it comes to stuff that I am already used to. Take my computer keyboard. It's two years old and already has a lot of faded keys; most of the letters have become barely discernible to nonexistent.

Because I could type without looking at the keyboard, this doesn't bother me. But it's an issue for hubby and the kids. They've been wanting to buy a new keyboard but I was not ready to change my typing rhythm which I know would be affected if we get another keyboard because the key presses would feel different.

Frugal mom that I am, I had this bright idea a few months ago of filling in the missing letters with beige nail polish (because that's the only shade I have and we didn't have any correction fluid at the time) then covering it with clear polish so it would stick better. It worked for a while but, through constant use, the letters started disappearing again.

Imagine my delight at finding these stickers at CD-R King at P35.00 a set. There were only two design choices: High School Musical 3 or Winnie the Pooh (or was it Mickey Mouse?). I chose the first one thinking my kids might like it because they did watch the movies before. Boy, was I WRONG!

They first comments I got when they saw it was, "Ewww! Why did you buy that design Mom?!" When I told them I had no other choice, they (yes, all three of them who can speak) had the gall to berate me, "You should have bought the one with the cartoon character, whatever that is." Duh?

But, all's well that ends well, I kinda liked the finished product. The rest of the family can't do anything about it anymore. (Hey, it's MY computer and where I get my bread and butter!)

And you know, the slightly raised bumps on the top of the stickers feel good on my fingertips!

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