Formula Dolan Mall Tour Kicks Off at Trinoma

Last May 16, 2009, Ibuprofen Dolan launched the first Formula Dolan (FD) Racing Fever Mall Tour at the Ayala Trinoma Mall. I was glad to be invited because it gave me and my 10-year-old a chance to have a different kind of mother-and-son bonding time.

Kids were treated to an interactive gaming experience using the F1 mode of the Grand Turismo game on PS3. There were two big screens and four driver’s seats provided for the enthusiastic players. Needless to say, my son totally enjoyed himself pitting his driving skills with other young guests.

During the mall tour campaign, children from seven to thirteen years old can join once they purchase a Dolan promo pack. There will be elimination rounds and those who qualify will compete in the Grand Prix Finals to be held the same day. The overall winner will take home Hotwheels toys provided by sponsor Mattel.

While the kids were busy with the games, parents and other members of the media listened to a very enlightening talk by pediatrician Dr. Ray Manuel. He presented facts and figures on fever as well as discussed results of local and international studies on the efficacy of Ibuprofen as the faster fever medicine compared to Paracetamol. I came to have a better understanding of the many differences between the two.

Dolan’s current endorser, Ms. Karen Navarette-Anton, served as the emcee. She made history last July 2-8, 2007 when she won first place in the autocross-drifting race at the Varano race track in Italy. She was the first lady driver to finish first in any race event in the Marlboro Red Racing Competition since its worldwide launch in 2004. Ms. Karen, proven to be quick around the driving circuit, is also prompt in choosing Dolan whenever her precious boy Inigo has fever.

The audience was also treated to an impressive dance number by several World Vision sponsored children who were later joined by Dolan mascot Speedy. Pediatrica Inc. and Unilab have been partnering with this NGO for a few years now and have initiated programs to help send poor Filipino children to school. They have also invited doctors to help hold various medical missions in depressed communities in several parts of the country.

Dolan, the country’s leading Ibuprofen fever medicine, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It has been proven effective for fast fever relief as it effectively reduces body temperature at a lower dosage than paracetamol.

Since it is both an analgesic and antipyretic, Ibuprofen further relieves mild to moderately severe pains as well as inflammation. According to a meta-analysis conducted by a group of Filipino doctors headed by pediatrician Dr. Felizardo Gatcheco, Ibuprofen is safe to be given to children when taken at the recommended dosage.

If you are looking for a different activity for your next mother-son bonding moment, keep your eyes and ears open for the following dates and locations of the succeeding FD Mall events.

*Big thanks to Ms. Loise Chavez of Groovecom for the invite and for providing some of the photos included in this post.
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