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Let's hope and pray that the epidemic is eradicated soon.

Last April 22, 2009, Ms. Suk Ling Gun, Kaspersky Lab’s Managing Director for South East Asia, introduced to members of the Philippine media the latest news regarding Kaspersky Lab. The event was held at the Renaissance Hotel in Makati and was staged by Go Global PR Agency.

Ms. Gun affirmed that KL is expanding its business network in the country to be able to provide better support services to its Filipino customers. “Kaspersky Lab recognizes the rapidly advancing rate of Filipino internet users who are more internet-savvy, at the same time, becoming more subject to various risks with the continuous rise of various internet threats,” she says. “Whether we like it or not, there is an ongoing cyber-war happening within the internet which unfortunately affects the personal and professional lives of those of us who use it and Filipinos are no exception.”

In cooperation with iSecure Networks Inc., the exclusive Philippine distributor of Kaspersky Lab’s secure management solutions, KL plans to introduce more customer-focused campaigns to the country. This, according to Ms. Gun, will help ensure the best possible online protection for their Filipino customers.

In fact, KL will soon be launching the Kaspersky SEA Forum and Fan Club to help customers understand KL’s services better. These campaigns are also aimed to provide customers with specific support needs faster and with more accuracy.

Kaspersky Lab was founded in 1997 by Eugene Kaspersky. The company continues to be based in Moscow, Russia although the South East Asian regional office is located in Malaysia.

At present, KL is the largest licensor of anti-malware technology in the world with more than 130 leading IT security, networking and messaging software and hardware vendors choosing its state-of-the-art anti-malware protection for use inside their own products.

The latest KL offerings that have already received high international recognition in quality include Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009, Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, Kaspersky Open Space Security and Kaspersky Mobile Security for consumer and enterprise.

On a personal note, I would like to express my appreciation of Ms. Suk Ling Gun’s grasp of the Filipino market. It is not often that I encounter foreign speakers who can instantly connect to her audience. Ms. Gun’s warm and vivacious personality made time spent at the launch a pleasurable one. Her presentation and the discussions that followed showed us a woman who knows what she’s talking about and does it well.

Big thanks too to Ms. Farrah Gutierrez for the invite. She and her team from Go Global did a great job in making the event a successful one.

Learn more and be updated of Kaspersky Lab’s upcoming events by logging in at

I had the privilege to be invited to Manila FAME International held at SMX Mall of Asia by Ms. Maffy Carandang of CITEM. I visited the exhibit on its first day last April 15 and was literally overwhelmed and awed at the huge amount of talent that our fellow Filipinos have.

There were so many wonderful things to see there. I was amazed at the creativity of many designers who came up with beautiful and unique products that were made with indigenous materials from our country.

Photo-taking of booths and products are prohibited unless you get permission from the owners. Well, a majority of those I asked, refused. Although I totally understand that they would like to protect their creations from being copied indiscriminately. It's just disappointing that I wouldn't be able to post here all those nice things I saw there.

Anyway, here's sharing what I did manage to take photos of. The first one features colorful cards from the GSG by Flora Creatives booth. The second and third ones are creations of the talented Ms. Marge Fernando of AGM Export Industries, Inc. I'm sure you'll also admire her awesome Eiffel Tower, Holland windmill and cherry blossoms curtain all made of Capiz shells.

I also had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Mike and Ms. Cathy Turvill of Amu'in Wellness again. We got our photo taken beside their very elegant booth that showcases their various Aromatherapy-based products.

Lastly, I just had to take a shot of the pretty, pretty bag Manila FAME gave away to guests which contained the press kit and a nice notebook covered with a banig-like material. The bag is in one of my favorite colors and has twisted ropes that serve as straps. I'll probably be using that often in the next few weeks as it is such an eye candy :)

The exhibit will run until tomorrow (April 18). You may want to visit and be amazed as well. I'm sure you'll also feel the pride of being Pinoy just by mingling among the creative geniuses who are our kababayans.

Difference is an Artist's Game

Being a mom of a child with special needs, it is my prayer that my other kids would continue to love their brother unconditionally in spite of his disabilities. Thus, I admire other children who show so much understanding and compassion of their siblings who also have special needs.

I was forwarded a link in youtube about a big sister's poem about her younger brother with down syndrome. It is such a touching piece. Allow me to share it with you. May you be inspired as I was.

I Almost Died Laughing

I don't know about your sense of humor but mine is kinda shallow :p Last night I was reading a chapter of Erma Bombeck's book All I Know About Animal Behavior I Learned in Loehmann's Dressing Room. Some of you, who have been reading this blog on and off, may know how much I enjoy Erma's humor and wit.

There was this particular passage which had me snickering for several minutes that my son had to ask me what the heck is so funny. I tried telling him the story, in between gasps for breath, and he ended up laughing too. Are we nuts or what? Go decide for yourself.


There is an unwritten law that the more demands a pet makes on you, the longer he will live.

I once owned a parrot who spoke only two phrases, "Hello Barney" (the fool was saying hello to himself) and "Telephone." I was attracted to the pet because he was a lot like my husband. He'll tell you his name and when the phone rang would shout "Telephone!" but make no move to answer it.

Barney's Ritual was the same every day. He ate a pound of grain and went to the bathroom enough to overflow a landfill.

His life span was estimated at one hundred years.

One day I was in a pet shop and saw a speech training cassette.

As I stood in front of Barney's cage dangling the cassette in front of him, I said, "Look, big fella, for three years you have done nothing but dribble peanut shells all over the floor and occasionally fly over my typewriter and make tapioca. Is it asking too much to have you communicate? I'm not asking you to line dance -- only say something."

The instructions were simple. For twenty minutes twice a day the bird would listen to two repetitive phrases, a soliloquy from Hamlet, and arias from Carmen and Madame Butterfly.

The phrases were "Hey, I'm over here" and "I'm a bad bird."

Then he was supposed to tra-la-la along to Twenty minutes of the "Toreador" song.

By the end of three weeks I was considering making a necklace of Valium and licking it at intervals. The cassette was driving me nuts.

With the kind of care he was getting, he'd outlive me. The kids made it plain they did not want to be left anything they had to dust, finish, or feed. With Barney's limited skills he couldn't make a living. I would have to provide for him in the will.

One evening at the dinner table my husband said, "I'm a bad bird." Then he added, "I have no idea why I said that."
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