I Want a Neo!

Yesterday, Neo Manufacturing and Services, Inc. opened its 4th branch at SM North's Cyberzone. The store is located at the annex building's 4th floor.

The grand opening was a success! Representatives from Microsoft and Intel came as well as various members of the media.

I once again saw the netbook I've been dreaming about since it was launched around the end of 2008 -- the light blue (or pink!) one in the Vivid line. It's very, very portable and would help me greatly in bringing my work with me anywhere I go. (Anyone wants to be a fairy godparent? hehehe)

I like their press release tag line: "There's Always One for You!"

True, Neo has lots of products that are sure to delight customers. Every time I see the yummy-colored notebooks, I want to bring one home! Immediately! LOL (Still praying for funds though). Check out their cool website at www.neo.com.ph to see all the series: Basic, Vivid and Elan.

What I love about Neo is that it's a Philippine-based manufacturer that has strong tie-ups with technology leaders like Intel and Microsoft. They have high-quality and yet affordable products plus reliable after-sales support.

I love supporting anything Filipino especially globally-competitive products like these. Do check out Neo's branches to get some hands-on experience with their wide range of products:

SM Megamall - 4/F Cyberzone

SM North EDSA - 4/F Cyberzone

SM Cebu - 2/F Cyberzone

NCC Mall Davao - 2/F

Getting creative

I never cease to be amazed at how funny and innovative some business people are. I've seen lots of signboards with sounds-like and look-a-like names of popular products.

Last night, we ran out of bread. I asked hubby to bike down to the 24-hour convenience store near our village's entrance and buy a loaf for the sandwiches our kids would need to bring to school the next day.

He came back and said the brand we usually buy was already sold out. With a flourish, he showed me the alternative. I couldn't help but laugh and ask him if it comes with a Big Mac and chicken nuggets.

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