Last week, I had the privilege to interview Michelle Asence, the pretty and stylish president of the fragrances empire ZenZest, for a MoneySense magazine feature I was writing. Before we parted ways, I was pleasantly surprised when she gave me a bag containing a foot spa gift pack. She is such a nice lady!

The next day, Friday, as my family and I are relaxing in the living room after dinner, I got out James' old bathtub (which I only use now for soaking clothes in during wash day) and filled it with warm water. Josh and Daniel crowded around me to see what Mommy's up to. I poured some spa salts in the water and proceeded to soak my feet in the tub. I wasn't surprised when the two said they wanted to join me. After washing their feet, they excitedly sat down and blissfully sighed at the feel of the soothing peppermint-filled water.

Funny but the two went through all the motions of a complete foot spa with me. They also used the scrub, lotion and spray after our soak and were commenting how cool and "smelly-good" their feet got. Right after the rituals, I immediately got requests for us to do it again soon. "Next week," I promised.

Yesterday, as Friday morning came around and before the kids left for school, Daniel reminded me that we have a foot spa session in the evening hahaha. Unfortunately, I was very busy last night so we planned on doing our weekly foot spa instead tonight. And some people wonder why guys can't understand women's needs! ;-)

Product endorsement? :)

Work-at-home moms like me do crave some "me time" every now and then. Fortunately, my friend Jinkee, who does copywriting for a company that hosts product launches, invited me to the Veet Press and Trade Launch last night at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel. Unfortunately, none of my friends and other contacts in the publishing industry were able to make it. Still, I enjoyed myself because I got to go out of the house, see Jinkee again, and got to win a prize!

See, during the registration process, each guest was given a bracelet. A few minutes after the program started, host Angel Jacob announced that all those whose bracelets have the Veet logo will get a gift pack. I was one of the lucky 10 who got a Veet package :)

Afterwards, as guests were leaving, we were given a press kit each. It contained a USB memory card reader as giveaway aside from a Veet product sample, a CD and a folder of press releases.

Now, I have several Veet products that I can share with some friends so they can try them out too. Hmmm, I wonder how and where I would use mine though since I don't have enough leg hairs to shave :p

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