Time to make a stand

"No I don't care, I'll walk away, 'cause I've got confidence for quiet, I'm not afraid
I've got confidence, I'm not afraid" -lyrics by The Corrs

I have had my share of crap. Of taking in as much abuse as I would like, in the name of peace, with regards to my work. Now, I've had it! I will answer back now ... and tell 'them' that I won't be pushed around anymore ... that they clean up the mess they've done in the first place.

Why can't some people admit their mistakes and be done with it?! Why hide behind long-winded litanies of explanations that don't even matter to the person they've wronged? Why not simply say "I'm sorry, we shouldn't have done that"? And why make me the bearer of apologies they should do in the first place? Why, why, why?!

*sigh* This is one of those times I feel like hating my job.
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