Saturday, December 09, 2006


I got an unexpected but very, very pleasant surprise the other night. Hubby attended some company's Christmas party as representative of their organization, which was made beneficiary of the event's proceeds. There, he met Dr. Josette Biyo, the world-renowned and outstanding Filipino teacher who we both admire immensely.

A few months ago, Dr. Biyo graciously agreed to be interviewed by email so I can feature her in an article I was writing. The writeup appeared in the GH mag October issue. Hubby texted me that she was a guest speaker at the party that night and I told him to ask her if she enjoyed reading the writeup I did about her.

When hubby came home past 1 a.m. on Saturday morning, he had a huge smile on his face. A few moments later, he brought out Dr. Biyo's book A Trip To Planet Biyo which she personally signed with a short note for me! I think my jaw hanged open for more than 10 seconds. It was definitely one of the "Wow!" moments in my life.

Dr. Biyo wrote, "Dear Ruth, Thank you for the beautiful article you wrote about me. I hope this book will inspire you. God bless and keep writing! -Dr. Josette T. Biyo". She is really awesome!

The next day, a mom of an exceptionally talented little girl I featured, this time in GH's December issue, texted me to say how much they appreciate the article about their daughter. Let's make that a double "Wow!"

In moments like these, I once more give thanks to the Lord for letting me do something that I really love. The affirmations I get from people who appreciate what I do are truly precious gems that give me great encouragement and are simply priceless treasures I will forever keep in my heart.
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