Tuesday, November 14, 2006

TV, TV, and more TV!

I have to admit, I’m a certified couch potato. I love to watch TV series such that my zealousness borders on obsession (I know, I know!). I am reminded a lot of times about that these past few weeks ... when I did a marathon of Grey’s Anatomy (2 seasons), Desperate Housewives’ (again 2 seasons) and now Dr. House (currently in the middle of the 2nd season) on DVD … and yeah, those glued-to-the-screen moments not-surprisingly sometimes extend until the wee hours of the morning.

Lately though, I don’t get to tune in regularly to current programs that are running on local channels. No time, too busy, especially when the kids are still awake and I have to see to the welfare of the whole brood (read: cook, wash dishes & clothes etc. etc.) during the daytime until early nightfall. No wonder I hog the midnight to early morning hours to myself.

Soooo, I guess this crazy “thing” I do is my way of unwinding from house chores, article deadlines and other what-have-yous that usually rattle my composure (and I’m not even a person with poise to start with! Waaah!) . Besides, I do get some empathy vibes from certain characters I came to love:

... like Lynette Scavo of DH – four kids, topsy-turvy house, daily uncombed appearance, the works! I am 80% Lynette.

... then there’s Piper Halliwell of Charmed (got to buy those DVDs soon! Argh!) with her adorable mommy expressions, eldest sister mannerisms (I’m a firstborn too), sternness coupled with paranoia at times plus mushy hugs & kisses with Leo ... I think I am 90% Piper. And yep, how I wish I also have the power to freeze and/or blow up annoying people hehehe.

Hmmm, ... can’t think of anyone else at the moment. But let me tell you who else I like on the small screen and I would say: There’s McDreamy of Grey’s (Patrick Dempsey) with his wavy locks, charming smile and gorgeous eyes ... and Dr. Robert Chase of House (Jesse Spencer – gash Inez, wag mo ko patayin! Crush lang ito hindi obsession gaya ng sa’yo hahaha) because his voice is oh so heavenly masculine. Again, I am reminded of his rendition of the song Molly Smiles (from the movie Uptown Girls) where I first saw him and fell :p

But my all-time TV crushes? Think back to the ‘80s and I am naming McGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) and Michael of Knight Rider (David Hasselhoff -- no I didn’t like him anymore in Bay Watch).

Anyhow, if you reached this part of my post, thanks for reading another rambling writeup. The thoughts just popped in my mind about an hour ago. But hey, if you’d like to share what your favorite shows on TV are, I’d love to hear about them too! :)
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