Saturday, October 28, 2006


Finally! I got rid of the old tagboard that's been giving me a headache for several days now. I don't know if you guys (who also have's shoutbox) experienced the same problems. Like, I couldn't see the messages because there's a blue space there and when I try to edit posts as administrator, I get brought to a website called cPanel. Weird ... and irritating. Malware? Spyrware? Dunno. I'm just happy it's gone now.

And oh, a warning to those previous spammers who peppered my old tagboard with nonsense messages ... BEWARE! I can now ban your IP addresses! Yey! *happy-happy, joy-joy* I've been soooo wanting to have that feature for so long. Thank goodness, Tag-World has helpful things to bloggers who don't want to be bothered with silly tagboard posters.

So to those readers who truly READ my ramblings, you are very much welcome to comment ... um, nicely please :D
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