Friday, September 01, 2006


Early this afternoon, while I was having a late lunch, our phone rang. My seven-year-old son answered it. The call was for him.

As I tackle my food on the table, I couldn't help but smile at the socialization that was going on. Daniel sprawled on the couch and chatted away. I was amused at the range of topics he and his classmate Vance talked about. From the model of their Playstations, type of computer operating system they each have at home (at this point, Daniel asked if we have Windows XP or another version), the CDs they play, to their pet dogs and even trivias about their family members.

More than 30 minutes later, they're still at it, gabbing away. I told Daniel to hang up and end the call because I needed to go online. I had to suppress a laugh when he silently signalled me to wait and shush.

I fear now that the time might be near when I won't be able to use the phone at this house anymore. And my son still hasn't passed first grade yet! Gosh.
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