If you have kids and have access to cable channels, chances are you have been already swept away by Disney's High School Musical Craze ... as we are. My kids love the the songs and the moves so much, I had to search for lyrics in the internet and print them out so they can sing and dance along with the movie.

What's weird is, a lot of parents I knew (including me) are now also inadvertently bursting out in song without meaning to. The songs are just soooo catchy, they play in your head over and over.

It's great though that the storyline is very uplifting and very family oriented. I couldn't help but think of it as a kind of One-Tree-Hill-mania without the sexual contents, which is actually a good thing for teenagers these days. Even very little kids as young as three are enjoying watching the show. And yes, no matter how many times it's shown at Disney channel, kids seem to drift in front of the TV set to watch again. Definitely, one gem of a story. Another thumbs up for the creative people at Disney!
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