Wednesday, February 15, 2006

AI fever

I haven’t been able to watch Americal Idol completely since it started its first season. I only got to watch every now and then when Jasmine Trias was competing because it was such big news here that a Filipina got in the final twelve. After that season (the 3rd? can’t recall), I wasn’t able to tune in anymore.

This time around though, I was able to catch the show starting with the auditions. Hmmm, pretty entertaining! And with all the drama happening there now, I guess I can already say I’m pretty hooked. Let’s see if the show can sustain my interest until the last day when the real champ emerges. Right now, I haven’t chosen a favorite yet but I do know who I want out …. Yeah, the twin brothers who speak too much for their own good. Talk about loud mouths, and them being guys too! Irritating!

* side note: one day after …

The twins are no longer in the competition! Turned out both have outstanding arrest warrants and are wanted for several charges. Tsk, tsk ….
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