Mommy goes PC playing

For Christmas, we gave Leland a new The Sims CD coz the old one conked out a few months ago. I’ve watched the kids play with it before but haven’t had any inclination, nor the time, to try it out …. until last week, since it was the holidays and I felt I deserve to spend more time having fun on the computer than working during vacation. And then I got hooked.

Maybe it’s due to the family I created that I named after each one of us, and came to care about in so short a time … maybe it’s the challenge of building a nice house little by little for my virtual family (you can’t do it all at once coz you have to make more money first and add on to what you started) … maybe it’s also the unusual feeling of relaxation and at the same time exhilaration when something good came up for each character… or simply maybe I have reached some childlike part of me that longs to act out some dreams that haven’t come true yet. Whatever the reason, I must admit I’m enjoying going back once in a while to the Sims neighborhood and check on my “family”.

Sometimes though, I find out that the kids have altered some scenes and moved things around a bit … which isn’t so bad since they know a lot of cheat codes from Kzone magazine. Ahh, the joys of the young … Now Leland’s asking me to buy him the extension CDs to expand the community. To tell the truth, I’m also excited to find out what’s in store for us next.

And I thought I was too old for that kind of stuff!
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