Missing OTH

I seldom watch TV and only tune in when I get hooked on particular series. In Star World, One Tree Hill’s first season ended and they haven’t gotten around to showing season 2 yet. Tomorrow night, Tru Calling will be airing the final episode of their first season. All that is left for me to look forward to each week is Desperate Housewives. Argh, so sad …

I wonder when they’ll bring Charmed’s season 8 to Asian channels? Or OTH’s season 2? Before, I liked Amazing Race and Survivor so much, I try hard not to miss any episodes. But I think I already outgrew the reality show phase.

At least there are still the reruns of Friends and Oprah so I get by … A friend gave me some advice, “Add more series to your regular viewing.” Well then, I just might. After all, we all need time to unwind every now and then.
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