Forwards Galore

I've been receiving quite a lot of forwarded emails that either make me think, smile, laugh out loud or cry. Most have given me lots of insights about life in general and how best each one of us should handle things that come out way.

A few months ago, my hard disk crashed and I suspected that one factor was the tons of forwarded mails I can't get myself to delete from my Outlook Express. Recently, I realized that I have to find a way to store these forwarded mails such that 1) I don't waste a lot of printer ink and paper and 2) They won't take much computer space. Bingo! The web is the best place to put them, as I did with my kids' computer drawings.

Now, when I need to find a particular poem, article or quote to cheer or encourage somebody up, I'll know where to look for it. Visit the site at Everything Forward. Be inspired, have a laugh or be moved to tears. We all need a break from routines and mundane things once in a while after all.
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