The other day, I bought a DVD of the musical Cats, which I’ve wanted to see for such a long time. I can’t afford a ticket to Broadway much less airfare to the UK so it remained a dream, until now. Besides, I think it’s no longer running there right?

Anyway, I finally was able to play the DVD last night amidst the protests of my rowdy kids who said they wanted to watch their favorite movies and not the “boring” ones I often choose. But mom’s word is rule (I don’t watch very often but when I do, I want to have the TV to myself hehehe) and they had to relent (or else! :p).

When the first song got underway (Jellicle Cats with the cool and hip melody), imagine my surprise when one by one they crept inside our room and sat on the bed with me. After a short while, Daniel said “I think they’re true cats! Look at the fur, it’s stuck on their heads and bodies!” He was that amazed with the makeup and costumes. To which Joshua retorted, “Those are just costumes!” And Daniel asked, “Mommy where do they buy that? I want to have one! Is it expensive?”

Hmmm, boring huh? So where did all those endless questions about the story and the characters came from? I barely had time to enjoy the movie (guess I have to re-watch it when they’re sleeping) coz I was answering all their whys and whats. After a while, they were already arguing who’s character is what. “I’m Rum Tum Tugger!” claimed Leland. Daniel was fascinated with the magical cat so he said he’s Mr. Mistoffolees while they teased Joshua on being Macavity since he’s the quarrelsome one.

This afternoon, as I was working on my articles on the computer, I heard the kids arguing what to watch next. Then Daniel came to me and asked “Can we watch Cats again?” And they did. So much hullabaloo on one so-called boring movie, tsk!

I can hear Daniel humming and singing several of the songs every now and then. He even copies the jigs and pirouettes. Honestly, I didn’t expect them to like the musical but I guess they really do!

Missing the posts

I do miss writing in this blog. It’s just kind of hard to find time lately to sit down and think about what to write. With all the things happening to me and around me, still I can’t seem to write down my stories and anecdotes. I guess I’m in a dry phase right now, well, personal-writing-wise anyhow.

Here I am with so many deadlines to beat and a part of me wants to stop working for a while and let my thoughts wander on their own. I just find it hard to write them down! Argh, so frustrating!
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