I have wanted to be an archaeologist when I was still in my elementary days. Blame it on the mystery novels that I have always been reading. I think one or two of the Nancy Drew or Dana Girls books I read sparked that kind of interest. Or was it an Agatha Christie novel? Hmmm. Anyway, since then I have been fascinated with anything related to dig sites, artifacts, mummies, ancient civilizations etc. In other words, books, movies (yep, Indiana Jones!) and television shows with themes of “lost treasures” would draw me like metal to a magnet. No wonder Wilbur Smith became one of my favorite authors because his epic sagas were almost always based in Egypt. If you are as enthralled with archaeology as I am, do read his books “River God” and its sequel “The Seventh Scroll”. They are so spellbinding, it would take great effort to put them down once you started reading. The colorful descriptions of a pharaoh’s lost tomb coupled with very intriguing plots left me breathless and replete with a suddenly heightened imagination.

Last Sunday, the National Geographic Channel (Asia) started its Pharaoh’s week shows. I think I was glued to the TV screen for several hours that first night. I tried to absorb all the motley information that mesmerized me beyond words. I am so glad that my eldest son Leland showed a lot of interest as I readily answered all his questions (they were sooo many!).

It was such a revelation learning more about King Tut and all the other famous pharaohs that lived so long ago. Do you know that there was a queen who crowned herself pharaoh? Or that one royal mummy has been displayed in a Canadian museum for over a century before they found out it was King Rameses I? Every story has its own charm and every character’s life has something we could all learn something about from. Real-life drama to the fore -- ancient perhaps, but nonetheless existed.

Nowadays, I have shelved my dream of becoming an archaeologist. To tell the truth, I have come to grips with reality that I won’t probably be able to stand all the dust and heat and might even be craving for a bath every ten minutes if I was there :p Thank goodness modern television brings us vivid images such as those that I crave to see. I’ll be enjoying the rest of the week, eagerly looking forward to NGC’s nightly shows. As for the digging part, I’ll leave that to the experts.
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