Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Wedding Moments

My cousin got married last Sunday. He surprised his bride with red roses’ petals spread all over the altar, covering all the floor space, where they would take their vows. Isn’t that so romantic?! To think that I fondly remember Ryan as the little tot who runs around with my little brother way back when, and now he’s all grown up with the girl of his dreams finally becoming his wife. *sniff* How I love that kid.

I enjoyed the part when the audience were asked to hold triangle-shaped pieces of paper. We were instructed to open them while the bride is marching down the aisle. Pretty soon, about a hundred butterflies were taking flight all over the church! Another nice touch to the already romantic atmosphere.

I just wished my hubby was there with me. It always makes me feel a little nostalgic whenever I attend a wedding without him. But, *sigh* he had to go to work that day and I totally understand why he can’t accompany me. It’s just that I like having him beside me, the two of us holding hands and smiling those knowing smiles while the bride and groom promise each other everlasting love.

Funny how members of our clan only get to reunite during grand occasions such as this (yes, including funerals). Five of my cousins, three aunts and an uncle came home from abroad to witness the event. I have missed them and it was so good being with them again. Seeing my father’s siblings made me wish that he could be there too. But I’m sure he and my grandma were there in spirit rejoicing at seeing us all so happy.
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