End of AR6

I’m such a fan of the Amazing Race. I like “visiting” places with the contestants. Even if I can’t afford to travel much, at least I get to go to various destinations and learn more about the interesting cultures of different countries.

I am just disappointed that Freddy and Kendra won instead of Kris and Jon. I got turned off with Kendra (who’s a gorgeous woman to say the least) when she said how she hated one country (India I think, or was it in Africa?) that’s teeming with poverty and that she’s disgusted (?, I forgot her exact word) with what she saw. I can’t remember the exact details but I do remember clearly the antipathy and revulsion in her voice. I mean, yeah so the country is poor and the people may look filthy, but do you have to be so vocal about it in an international TV show? If I was a resident of that country, I will be offended. Too bad her character isn’t as pretty as her face. Same thing with Freddy. He looked so silly when he threw a tantrum and blamed everybody when he hit his head on the railway pole.

I like Kris and Jon because they seem like a very nice couple. They even swam with African kids in one episode and look genuinely fond of children. I can’t recall seeing them step on other people’s toes during the whole game. As for Adam and Rebecca, I must say I admire that girl’s spunk. She’s a very determined young lady who would have deserved to win even if her partner is one sorry wimp. At least Adam showed some guts towards the end of the show.

So AR7 will be starting in March and I’m looking forward to another season. Partly because Survivors Rob and Amber (remember the marriage proposal before the million-dollar winner was announced?) will be there and it will be interesting to see if the deviousness they exhibited in Survivor would make or break them in the Amazing Race. Let’s see. For now, I’m enjoying the new season of Charmed. That show gets better and better!
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