Calling All Downey Fans!

RDJ will be celebrating the big 40 this coming April. If you want to contribute to the preparations that fans all over the world are working on, drop by The RDJ Birthday Site today. Thanks! :)

Cable Crazy

Last night, Star Movies showed several good movies and I literally became a couch, no make it a bed, potato for the duration of three whole flicks! I got to sleep around 3 am already.

I’m not much of a movie buff, in the sense that I‘m too lazy to go to cinemas. I’d rather watch at home in the comfort of the sofa or the bed with snacks just within my reach. And last night was no exception.

Air Force one will always be one of my favorites. I love Harrison Ford. He has that boyish charm that stays with him even if he’s getting older after every new film release.

Bruce Willis in Die Hard 1 also has that hero kind of X factor that most women find irresistable, me included :D

I haven’t seen One Hour Photo before and I must admit, I was intrigued at how Robin Williams would play a role that won’t show his comedic talents. He was creepy! I was unsettled by the way he portrayed the photo guy. But I like the way he did blend in with the background, just like what one of the production crew said before in an interview. Very subtle subliminal hints that nondescript persons can really go unnoticed by many.

Oh well, there goes my movie repertoire for last night. Hmm, I wonder when I’ll get to chance upon another all-nighter marathon of great films …

End of AR6

I’m such a fan of the Amazing Race. I like “visiting” places with the contestants. Even if I can’t afford to travel much, at least I get to go to various destinations and learn more about the interesting cultures of different countries.

I am just disappointed that Freddy and Kendra won instead of Kris and Jon. I got turned off with Kendra (who’s a gorgeous woman to say the least) when she said how she hated one country (India I think, or was it in Africa?) that’s teeming with poverty and that she’s disgusted (?, I forgot her exact word) with what she saw. I can’t remember the exact details but I do remember clearly the antipathy and revulsion in her voice. I mean, yeah so the country is poor and the people may look filthy, but do you have to be so vocal about it in an international TV show? If I was a resident of that country, I will be offended. Too bad her character isn’t as pretty as her face. Same thing with Freddy. He looked so silly when he threw a tantrum and blamed everybody when he hit his head on the railway pole.

I like Kris and Jon because they seem like a very nice couple. They even swam with African kids in one episode and look genuinely fond of children. I can’t recall seeing them step on other people’s toes during the whole game. As for Adam and Rebecca, I must say I admire that girl’s spunk. She’s a very determined young lady who would have deserved to win even if her partner is one sorry wimp. At least Adam showed some guts towards the end of the show.

So AR7 will be starting in March and I’m looking forward to another season. Partly because Survivors Rob and Amber (remember the marriage proposal before the million-dollar winner was announced?) will be there and it will be interesting to see if the deviousness they exhibited in Survivor would make or break them in the Amazing Race. Let’s see. For now, I’m enjoying the new season of Charmed. That show gets better and better!

On Blessings and Angels

I believe that angels do live among us, ordinary people whose kind hearts and beautiful souls may not always be evident to the naked eye. I am so fortunate to have such angels in my life.

My son James is set to have an operation sometime in April or May. He has cerebral palsy and has been tube-fed since 2002. We use the naso-gastric tube to feed him, a long slim hose that goes through his nose directly to his stomach. James can’t eat properly through the mouth. His chewing and swallowing reflexes are so poor he can’t get ample nutrition orally.

Last month, we were advised by the pediatric-gastroenterologist to have James undergo the PEG operation. It’s a surgical procedure wherein the feeding tube will be “installed” directly through a hole in the stomach leaving a kind of plug outside. That will prevent further erosion of the gastro-intestinal tract and lessen vomitting. Before going through the surgery, James needs to gain more weight and develop more fats in his body for faster healing. It was overwhelming to be told that we have to put him on a purely Pediasure diet.

Pediasure is one of the most expensive milk brands in my country, since it is not simply a growing-up milk but has the components of complete food, the most ideal for tube-feeding. My husband and I are not earning enough to fulfill all our special son’s needs so we entrusted our burdens to the Lord. This is where the angels came in.

Friends and family from here and abroad whom we’ve kept in contact with are helping us pray for God’s provisions. A family friend, on her own initiative, wrote a letter to her circle of friends for help. We were surprised and very much heartened to receive offers of assistance from different people, some of whom we haven’t seen in a long time, some we haven’t even met yet! Still another family friend and her sister in the US sent James a dozen cans of Pediasure through their brother who came home to the Philippines the other day. Such is the Lord’s outpouring of blessings. And such is our heartfelt gratitude to these wonderful angels who are unselfishly giving of their time, effort and love.

With all the unsavory things happening in the world today, isn’t it so inspiring that the goodness in peoples’ hearts always comes shining through to brighten and chase away the darkness? To the angels in my life (you know who you are), thank you for being with us in this time of trial. We are comforted by your presence and your immeasurable love. May the Lord richly bless you in return.

Gmail anyone?

Who wants a Gmail account? I have 6 to give away again. It would be a waste to let the invites stagnate without being used right? So just send me your email address and I’ll send you an invite. The first six to respond will get one :)

Google Mail is great, mind you. It has 1GB storage and files all messages in folders according to subject line. Makes organizing mails pretty easy. You need an invite to sign up though, so let me know if you’re interested.

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